Apartment size refrigerator Avanti RA7316PST2

apartment size refrigerator

Apartment size refrigerator Avanti RA7316PST2

Apartment size refrigerator Avanti RA7316PST2 door fridge is one of the latest version of Avanti brand. There have many sizes & colors you can choose as your require one which will be fit for you. Last few years Avanti a leader of consumer appliance industry. They are in this market place around 30 year with great image & build a great brand for people help to take easy decision for choose his best item. It’s Always try to great products with best value, If you will see in other brand I can make sure you will return back Avanti for its quality & price. Avanti products certified by many international organization so you don’t have to worry about products quality.

Why you will choose Apartment size refrigerator

Avanti RA7316PST2 ?

1. In Avanti you will find many size & many colors what will attack you to buy Avanti. Many customer has many choice Avanti give value of customer choice.
2. It has Adjustable & removable glass shelves & door bins what will help you can to see clear view of crisper bins so you can see what stored inside & what you have to restore. Adjustable & removal glass shelves will give you to consume full space.
3. It has 3 door bins & 1 bottle bin, 3 refrigerator shelves, 1 freezer shelves, 2 crispers, 1 glass crisper, 1 ice cube tray, so you can do proper arrangement as your store or restore require milk, Soda or juice. So you don’t have to find when you need it will be like beside of your hand.

4. Reversible door is another future of Avanti what is rarely available in another fridge.
5. 2 full width & 2 half width storage bins will give you full space consumption. 2 liter bottle & Gallons you can storage easily for its full width door.6. It, has one only one control switch for regulating the temperature in the fresh food & freezer compartment. In control switch “0” is thermostat off &7 is the maximum. But “0” doesn’t mean turn you have to make plug out. To Restart you Have to wait 4-5 minute.
7. It has amazing interior light when you will open the door light will be on automatically & when you will close it will be shut off automatically.
8. Avanti RA7316PST2 is low power consumption fridge. It is 120V.

Apartment size refrigerator Avanti Specification :

 Brand name : Avanti
 Model Info : RA7316PST
 Item Weight : 92 pounds
 Product Dimensions : 23 x 21.5 x 56 inches
 Item model number : RA7316PST
 Capacity : 7.4 cubic feet
 Installation Type : Free Standing
 Part Number : RA7316PST
 Form Factor : Stand Alone
 Color : Black
 Connector Type : Water Line
 Crispers/Drawers : 4
 Defrost : Cycle Defrost
 Door Material Type : Steel
 Compatible Device : Custom Panels
 Certification : energy star
 Material Type : Steel
 Batteries Included : No
 Batteries Required : No
 ASIN : B008d1SZN06

Refrigerator Safety :

Avanti provided many important safety messages in the manual for RA7316PST2. Read All message properly & obey carefully. You will find out there 3 tags.
1. Danger : It means that failure may result several person serious injury or death.
2. Warning : That means the failure of existence product damage.
3. Caution : It means failure of equipment problem.
The safety signal will save you potential hazard.

Care & maintenance :
Clean: When you will clean it keeps the control switch in “0” unplug the pin remove all trays, Shelves & foods. Wash inside by baking soda & warm water. Wash the trays & shelves by the detergent solution. For outside use, you can use also warm water & detergent solution. Try to keep condenser coil clean by the vacuum cleaner. Clean the drain pan of compressor don’t remove the drain pan.
Change the light bulb: Remove the power cord for your power outlet & Remove the light cover by the screwdriver.


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