75 inch 4k tv sony xbr75x940e review

 75-inch 4k tv sony xbr75x940e review

If you are planning to buy an enormous sony 75 inch 4k TV for your home then you are on the right track. Hello guys! Thank you so much for stopping. The experience of watching movie and sports on a larger screen is something that no one can explain. You need to experience it in order to know. You can buy the right one from the market among hundreds of options is quite a tough job. That is why today here I will discuss Sony X940E 75 inch 4k LED to make your work little easier. The Sony 4k tv is a great large HDR smart tv. There is pretty much nothing I don’t like about this 4k TV. It has a huge, cinematic screen. It produces some stunning pictures in high and standard range modes, best blacks and bright on the screen.

The excellent local dimming and the ability to display a wide range of colors for a great HDR experience. The x940e has some motion blur and the use of clunky Android TV smart platform which make this TV less of a good choice for watching sports or video gamers but doesn’t impact the overall performance. Now it’s time to give a closer look at its all key features in details:

Sony x940e review features:

What makes the XBR75X940 sony 4k tv the great performer? The answer is simple its most advanced technologies and one of them is Full Array Of Local Dimming technology which makes this tv’s black level and contrast. Extended Dynamic Range Pro Technology which helps to maximize peak luminance and makes its brightness really bright.

This tv supports popular HDR 10, HLG, Dolby Vision and a combination of X-reality Pro engine and x1 Extreme. Now come to this technological side which helps to get a smooth and clear picture for watching fast-moving images. That is Motion Flow XR960 based on native 120 Hz refresh rate panel which allows interpolating both low frame rates content including 30 fps and 60 fps. Additionally, this TV features Google Android TV Nougat version also equipped with 4 HDMI, 3 USB ports which is enough to cover electronics devices.

Sony 940e review Design & body:

If you are a Sony brand fan, you might be familiar with its minimalist design. The X940E, Sony 75 inch 4k tv is supported by a central stand nicely, which help this TV to get good stability and easy to fit on any platform. Well, cable management is one of the great features of this TV.

Sony 4k tv-side view

Sony 4k tv-side view

You might be surprised to see the small foot of the stand but don’t be worried because it still provides nice support. The back of the TV is made of plastic and many panels which are nearly invisible because of the plastic body. Now we came into borders, this is thick and it has the metal edge. Which gives a good feel and look to its customers.

You will not realize the thickness of this tv unless you see it from the side this is because of its size. Though it is not so slim tv but nicely wall mounted. It is not getting so hot is another good thing for this tv. Why this tv doesn’t get hot because its heat gets distributed across the surface. Built-in quality of this tv is mind-blowing. As I discussed earlier the back of the tv is made with plastic but gives a very neat and high-end look. Below find the key specs of  XBR 75X940E:

Sony 4k tv down side view

Sony 4k tv down side view

Sony x940e 75 inch features:

  • Screen size: 75 diagonal inch(XBR-75X940E)
  • Smart TV: Android TV with apps and full web browser
  • HEVC included: yes
  • VP9 Included: yes
  • HD to UHD upscaling: yes
  • HDCP 2.2 compliance: yes
  • HDR support: yes
  • Refresh Rate: 120Hz native refresh rate
  • Screen lighting: Full-array LED backlighting with multi-zone local dimming
  • Resolution: 3,840*2,160 pixel UHD
  • Wireless connectivity: yes, built-in WiFi
  • Remotes: Sony button remote with voice recognition
  • Connectivity : 4 HDMI( all with HDCP 2.2, ports 2 & 3 with HDMI 2.0a)ports, 3 USB ports, 1 Ethernet port, 1 digital audio out
  • Contrast ratio: 4958 : 1( native, real contrast) 11,658:1 with local dimming: 0.0085 with local dimming
  • 3D technology: N/A
  • TV dimensions with stand: 65 7/8*40 7/8*12 7/8
  • TV weight :
  • Processor: 4k HDR processor x1 extreme
  • The excellent wide color performance will give your eye satisfaction.
  • The HDR color will deliver you color wide color gamut which is better than 2016 cousins TVs.
  •  The tv deliver Some amazing deep black purity
  •  The VA panels are performing great then other normal TVs in the market.
  • It will give you incredible Blu rays videos.

Sony 4k tv-back view

Sony 4k tv-back view

75 inch sony 4k Picture quality:

The XBR75X940E, Sony 75 inch 4k tv has excellent picture quality. The dark scenes are great looking in the darkroom, all thanks to the high contrast ratio and the black uniformity. But the good news is when you set this tv in a bright room you will not get distracted by the reflections. As it is very well to deal with reflections and the quality of the picture also remains the same. The grey uniformity is not that impressive to discuss but at least the dirty screen effect is invisible.

This tv is better to place in a narrow seating room that means the viewing angle is less. But the HDR peak brightness and local dimming are excellent of this tv. Another thing is noticeable here, which is the local dimming strongly influences the gray uniformity. So it is advisable not to use low setting of the local dimming.

Sony 4k 75 inch Sony Motion & input:

This sony 4k TV has a long response time because of that you might see the motion blur. While watching movies you might not face that problem but for PC use and games it is a great problem. PWM is used to dim the backlight in this tv which is completely unnoticeable that because of high frequency. If you watch a movie on PC or cable you might notice the presence of judder. Though hardly anyone can notice this.

The low frame rate contents and higher frame rate content are also be seen in very smooth motion. This tv supports all kind of signals. It has 4k input lag but if you are a gamer then its 1080p input lag may disappoint you. The game and graphics picture modes picture can show 4:4:4 color properly. 1080p is default resolution at the time when TV is used as a PC monitor. There is one component input on the side which is shared with a composite input.

 Sony 75 uhd tv Sound quality:

The sound quality of a tv is very essential that’s why I think Sony 4k tv produces better sound than other tv’s. It has a good frequency response with below average distortion. At lower volume, it has a reasonable THD which steeply rises according to the levels.

Sony bravia 75 inch 4k tv Smart Features:

This sony 75 inch 4k tv is featuring android tv updated Nougat version. This new nougat brings some features that make this tv more appealing. Such as picture in picture mode, multitasking menu etc. It also comes with a built-in chrome cast which will give you the freedom to cast any contents on your tablet or smartphone And you will enjoy them on your big screen.

Sony 4k tv view

Sony 4k tv viewOn that smart tv, you will get many interesting apps like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon videos, web browser, Play Station Now and many more. One more advantage is that its app store named Google play store. That Google play store is supported by loads of developers and useful apps, games and so on and so forth. But in spite of all these updated features, it fails to address the main problem like smart features in the remote, ease of navigation, etc. Navigation on Android TV is still not clear, especially for new users.


Excellent picture quality

Sony 4k tv has a stylish design

HDR support


Cons of Sony 4k tv:

Rather reflective screen

Limited effective viewing angle

Navigation of Android TV is not easy

The fast-moving object has the moving trail

Sony 75 inch 4k tv room view

Sony 75 inch 4k tv room viewIn the box of Sony 4k tv:




IR blaster

The  Sony  XBR-75X940E is a superb LED in the current marketplace. Because of local dimming with contrast, black levels and mostly all major display features this Sony 4k tv has become the best performer among all LED tv. You would love the combination of outstanding contrast, subtle colors, the sharpness of images and all in all motion handling works wonderfully with HDR and SDR. This tv is very good for gaming and sports, little lag is there but still is the best of rest.

I highly recommend this 75-inch giant mixed usage tv even though it is incapable of handling high peak brightness. Now you should buy this or not it certainly depends on your preference. It might be a great option for you if you are looking for a TV which is a jack of all trades. You would praise your own decision after watching its high-quality display and performance.

The score of Sony 75 inch 4k tv :

Design: 5 star

Picture quality: 8.4 star

Motion: 6.7 star

Inputs: 8.6 star

Sound quality: 7.2 star

Smart features: 8.0 star

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