Top 4 Best Fridge For The garage Buying Guide in 2021

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When we work in the garage, we quickly become exhausted and look for something cold for refreshment. So, we drink cold beverages to get back energy quickly. But if the liquids are not challenging enough, there’s no use in drinking those. A garage fridge may be a perfect solution for this problem.
For keeping the beverages and snacks cold, you need the best fridge for the garage. But how will you select the best one? This article will guide you in choosing a perfect fridge for your garage. If you read the whole article, you get an idea.

Top 4 best garage fridges: Reviews

From so many brands and models of fridges, it is tough to select a suitable fridge for the garage. I chose some of the best garage fridges for you after researching the fridges in the market from my experience and knowledge.

They are not the same in quality and characteristics. They come with variable attributes, which will help to remove confusion and choose your cherished one easily.

1. Frigidaire Retro Bar Fridge Refrigerator with Side Bottle Opener, 3.2 cu. ft, Red

This fridge will blow you away with its look. The glossy appearance makes it very desirable. This model is very cost-worthy. It comes at a reasonable price. So, I’m keeping this model first.
This fridge is manufactured for the up-front position. This can be fit in a corner or any place in your garage. It doesn’t need too much space as its dimension is 18.5 x 21.5 x 32.5 inches. These small sizes are suitable for the garage as you mainly keep some drinks and some snacks or fruits mainly in the garage fridge.

best mini fridge for the garage

The interior of the fridge is very efficient for storing different types of food. Its 3.2 cubic feet space has three shelves into which you can keep beers or any other cold drinks. The spaces on the shelves are pretty enough for storing the snacks held inboxes. Besides, its single door has pockets inside where different sizes of cans and bottles can accommodate.

This fridge works on 120V AC 60Hz 15 AMP. For its small size, it’s very energy efficient for which you don’t need to care very much for the electric bill.

It has a small freezer. And this will be enough for keeping the drinks and water cold. It is also facilitated with an ice cube tray. This means it can freeze water into ice. You can also keep ice creams in the fridge. 


  1. Quiet

The fridge is very quiet. It doesn’t make any noise, according to the users.

  1. Reasonable price

If you compare some models with the same facilities this model has, you will understand that it’s reasonable for the price. And it is cost worthy.

  1. Sturdy and well-built refrigerator

Despite its low price, the manufacturer has maintained its quality. Its sturdy design makes it last longer.

  1. It gets cold very quickly.

It takes no time to get cold in the fridge. So, the preservation of the snacks is ensured, and you can enjoy a cold drink after a short period of keeping it in the refrigerator.

  1. Removable glass shelves 

This is a great advantage. You may not need all the shelves at a time, but sometimes you may keep a giant bottle or something. In that case, remove one of the glass shelves.


  1. Scratches

As the finishing of the fridge is accomplished with plastic, it’s not impossible to get some scratches when moving the fridge.

  1. The handle seems cheap.

The handle is made of plastic. It feels unstable while using it.

2. SMETA Propane Refrigerator with Freezer

This is one of the best mini refrigerators available in the market. The fridge would be a premium choice if you choose it. It may seem pricey, but this price is worth it. If you want good service for a long time, then it should be your choice.

Though it is presented as a garage fridge here, this can suit any place of your house. Having a dimension of 20.6 x 23.2 x 32.2 inches, its capacity is 3.4 cubic feet. The food capacity is 3.0 cubic feet. This up-right position mini fridge has no wheels. But that is not a problem. It is easy to carry.
There is an advantage of LED light in the fridge, which helps to see inside in the dark too. And the freezer is about 0.4 cubic feet which are pretty enough to keep cold. It is a highly efficient garage refrigerator.
There are four shelves in the fridge, among which the first one has a door system, and the last one has a drawer system. It doesn’t need to tell the efficiency of keeping cans, bottles, and boxes on the shelves. The door also has some pockets into which you can keep bottles and cans and fruits and snacks.


  1. Low energy consumption

The capacitor works excellent and doesn’t require too much energy. The freezer is also energy efficient.

  1. Multiple application

This fridge can be used for multiple applications, both for indoor and outdoor use.

  1. Highly efficient freezer

The freezer makes the kept items cold very fast. It quickly freezes the water into ice.

  1. Gas/electric thermostat

It can run on electricity or propane individually. It enables flexibility in use.

  1. Battery installed

It comes with batteries installed. The batteries can support about 8 to 10 hours on 12 V.


  1. No wheel

This is not a great deal. But they should have installed those as a premium mini-fridge.

  1. Costly

The price is very high. But it’s really worth it.

3. Commercial Cool CCRD32W Compact Double Door Refrigerator

This is another excellent choice for the best fridge for a garage. Suppose you are looking for one model for easily keeping different types of food and bottles, this one in the refrigerator. You can arrange the materials in good order. This will be the best choice if you want to use a mini-fridge as an additional fridge when your main runs out of capacity.

Its most outstanding feature is its two compartments. One is affiliated with a freezer for keeping the ice-cold stuff. You can keep ice cube trays here. And another one is used for controlling the property ordinarily cold.
Then let’s look at its storing styles. There are two removable glass shelves. You can easily remove the sliding glass shelves if you need to. There is a door storage shelf at the bottom. The door storage pockets can fit up to 6 cans. 2-liter bottles can easily be accommodated in this door storage.
With a dimension of 19.1 x 19.5 x 33.5 inches, it offers 3.2 cubic feet of capacity. Though it is represented here as the best fridge for a cold garage, it will fit in any place of your house. It is great for the people living in studio apartments. It is a good choice for personal use. Its versatile usage capacity makes it unique.
There is a controller in the fridge. It enables you to control its temperature according to needs. However, this controller isn’t meant for the freezer.
The fridge has glossy finishing, which gives it an elegant look. And its top is completely flat. You can easily keep things like a microwave oven on the top.


  1. Separate freezer compartments

Its main feature has two separate compartments. One of them is a freezer compartment which is specialized for keeping ice cold stuff.

  1. The smart design of shelves and drawers

This fridge is very efficient for keeping different types and sizes of food and drinks—pretty enough storage for keeping stuff. A full chicken would fit in there.

  1. The price is very reasonable.

Compared to other models of the same facilities, its price is very reasonable.

  1. Interior light and temperature controllers

There are controllers for both light and temperature. This makes the fridge more versatile.

  1. Very quiet

It produces almost no sound.


  1. No freezer temperature controller

The freezer has no controller for which you can’t change the freezer temperature.

  1. Not frostless

For lacking this feature, you have to defrost this at a regular interval of time.

4. Whynter BR-128WS Beverage Refrigerator With Lock

This refrigerator is specific for keeping beverages. So, this one will be an exact option for you if you want to select one only for the garage. If you have a habit of refreshing yourself with cold drinks at a regular interval of time, this one will be perfect for you.

This fridge can be a store of beverages. You will like its arrangement for keeping the cold drinks. It has five shelves which are great for sorting the cans and bottles. It can hold 120 standard 12 oz cans. Again they are modified for variable sizes of cans and bottles. That means you can keep all types of beverages in the fridge.

Its dimension is 18.5 x 17 x 33 inches. There is a glass door through which the cans are easily visible. It is reversible. There is a LED light with an on/off switch. This is a very customized characteristic.

Its compact design is really impressive. This freestanding position fridge looks like a decorated showcase of beverages. It has a cylinder lock which deters unwanted access.

The fridge works on 120 V. It has mechanical temperature control ranging from high 30°F to low 60°F maintained by the powerful compressor cooling. Among all the beverage fridges of the same size and setting, this fridge is a special one and obviously one of the best.


  1. Provides huge space for beverages

This fridge can be used as an excellent stock for keeping beer, wine, or water. It can make space for 120 standard 12 oz cans, which are really good.

  1. Good temperature control

The temperature control is very flexible. You can get 30 degrees F of temperature. It works great on the setting of 5 or 6.

  1. It can be used for parties.

This fridge can hold a lot of cans. So, this can be used in a get-together party for keeping the beverages cold.

  1. Nice looking

Its compact design and the glass door with LED light inside give it a smart look.

  1. Very efficient in keeping things cold

The best part of this fridge is that it keeps things really cold, and it takes no time to get cold.


  1. A little bit of sound is heard.

Some white noise is hard though it won’t annoy you too much.

  1. Frost problem

This is not frostless. So, you have to defrost this from time to time.


Tips to consider before buying a garage fridge

You already have learned about the best fridge for a garage. I want to make sure while choosing the right product. So, I am giving a list of factors that you need to check before making a purchase.

Thermostat control

The efficiency of a fridge depends on this characteristic a lot. It will determine how long the kept food and beverages will be fresh and cold. This depends on many factors. The features are not always seen as the manufacturers claim. So, it is better to check reviews available online and the people who have used the fridge already.

There are also refrigerator ratings given by the engineers. As a normal person, you don’t have the capacity to check the fridges by yourself. So, we have to look for the refrigerator ratings. If there are a lot of good reviews about a garage fridge, you can buy it if it fulfills your requirements.

Then comes the need for the advantage of changing temperature. Not every time, you need the lowest temperature. So, check if the fridge you want to buy has the temperature changing facility. Having no chance of changing temperature will make you face a limitation.

Right design and style

Think about the trend that is going on. Once there was a time when most of the available fridges were just top-freezer refrigerators. Since then, people’s demand, taste, and using style have changed a lot. Hence new models and designs are invented, and people use them according to their demand. And everyone, including you, wants to use the latest technology.

Now there are bottom-freezer refrigerators, side-by-side refrigerators available. But look at your needs. In the garage, you will just want to refresh and cool down yourself by drinking a cold drink or some snacks or an apple to lessen your hunger instantly. In this case, a mini-refrigerator with some shelves and drawers or a beverage refrigerator will do.

Amon the mini-fridges, there are plenty of variations. Some refrigerators have 3 or 4 shelves only. Some have both shelves and drawers. Some have even two separate compartments. It depends completely on your intention of usage. However, it’s better to choose one that you can use as an accessory fridge in times of need.

There are some other factors. The fridges work best in the right environment. If the environment is too hot or cold, the fridge may not function properly. So, choose a heat-stable one or make arrangements to avoid the troubles.

Most suitable size

There are plenty of sizes and types of refrigerators available in the market. You are looking for a refrigerator for your garage. Keep that in your mind. There are many large size good fridges. But that will suit the kitchen most.

For the garage, I recommend small fridges. This is also variable. If you have several coworkers, a small fridge will not be enough. In that case, you will have to order one that is enough for storing food and beverages for all.

Now think about another aspect. In the case of a regular mini garage fridge, you don’t need to think too much about moving the fridge. But when you are selecting a big one, then you need to think about moving. Large fridges cause pretty trouble while moving. So, having wheels or any alternative way will help you.

Energy efficiency

Garage fridges are not usually the only fridge in your home. After buying a garage fridge, you will have two fridges. Of course, you will have to bear additional costs for the new garage fridge. If the fridge is energy efficient, the electric bill will not fluctuate very much compared to the bill before buying the garage fridge.

When you are comparing two models with the same features, check the energy efficiency. You may save $100 by buying the cheaper one while buying. But if you buy a low energy efficient fridge somehow, it will make you suffer in the long run. So, look for the energy-efficient one. Higher energy efficiency means more capable of keeping the stuff fresh.

Shelves and drawers

The number and arrangements of shelves and drawers are related to the style. But it is more specific about storing food and cold drinks. And the more, the better-this is not applicable in this case.

Suppose you have two mini-fridges having the same capacity. One has six shelves (just like the beverage refrigerators), and the other has three shelves. Will you assume the first one is the better one? You shouldn’t. First, check your demands. The first one will obviously be better for storing beverages. But probably you won’t be able to keep a box of sandwiches on the shelves.

The same thing is applicable for drawers. In the garage fridge, you don’t usually need more than one drawer. The drawers are used mainly for keeping fruits. And this doesn’t need more than one drawer.

Check if the shelves are removable. Removable shelves are better. It can accommodate larger stuff by removing one of the shelves in times of need.


Price is another important factor. The more expensive products are not always the best. You may find a better fridge at a cheaper rate if you search carefully. Sometimes, you may think that price is mainly the factor for the people who are on a budget. But this is not true. You should always care for the price as it helps to evaluate the right product.

There are some ways to lessen the cost. Think of a fridge that has wheels. This fridge will cost considerably more than the one that has no wheels. However, they have the same quality and features. In that case, you can use a base with wheels to move the fridge. That will cost you less, but you will be able to use the base in other works too. Pretty smart, right?

I hope this checklist will help you to choose the best fridge for a garage.

Benefits of garage ready fridges

The garage-ready fridges are perfect for keeping the internal environment of the fridge stable. The garage may often be heated. As the garage-ready fridges have insulators, it will cause no harm to the function of the fridge. Again, the cold environment gives a signal to the garage-ready fridges, which causes the freezer to stop working. Thus stability is maintained.

Should you get a frost-free fridge?

Frost-free fridges seem very effective and fewer trouble makers. But you should be aware of its problems. You can’t store some food like meat for a lot of time. There is a chance of losing the freshness of food.

In my recommendations, I kept fridges with frost. You may need to defrost yourself. But the quality of the food will be good.

Final Words

If you are here after reading from the first, I think you have enough knowledge about choosing the best fridge for the garage. I have given a list of good garage fridges after researching the available fridges in the market. You can be sure of their quality. You won’t regret choosing one of them considering your needs.

However, I’d recommend choosing one after reading the buying guide provided above. It will help you to make the right purchase. Compare my recommended fridges with the checklist. I hope you will get a perfect garage fridge to meet up your demand.

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