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You are probably looking for a garage freezer to make extra storage to keep frozen food items or keep specific food items cold. The garage freezers are usually mini, and you can use them for maintaining ice creams, milk, or meats. But it is confusing to choose one from so many freezers.

Freezers are usually manufactured and prepared for keeping at the unheated room temperature. But when you are looking for one to keep in the garage, you should be picky. This article will help you choose the best fridge freezer for the garage easily.


5 best fridge freezers for a garage

While choosing a freezer from so many freezers in the market, you may be confused. Each freezer has a lot of ratings and reviews. You may puzzle for a while and choose the wrong one.
So, some of the best fridge freezers are mentioned here, giving you the reasons for choosing them. 

1. Whynter Upright Lock, Black Freezer

This upright freezer is perfect for the garage. Its variable sizes and capacity give freedom to choose any of them. This freezer provides a premium look. Its color and finishing-both are outstanding. After all, you can get it at an affordable price.

This freestanding freezer is available in 3 sizes: 1.1, 2.1, and 3.0 cubic feet. Most of the users claim to have more space than it seems to have. You can easily store milk, ice cream, the frozen food here. Many people use it to keep water cold. The freezer offers the facility of using this in both indoor and outdoor.  best fridge freezers for a garage

This freezer works great using a tiny amount of energy. It works pretty fast compared to its size. The power-consuming range is from 79W to 100W, which offers a temperature range from -10℉ to -2℉. There is a temperature controller by which you can change temperature according to your needs. It’s really energy efficient.
The freezer has one or two shelves according to the size. You can remove the shelves if needed. The freezer depends on manual defrost. This freezer also offers the facility of reversible door hinges.


  • Offers enough space

This freezer has three different sizes. Each model offers enough space compared to the size.

  • Energy efficient

The freezer doesn’t use so much energy to run. It uses a small amount of energy.

  • Good temperature control

The temperature control of this freezer is perfect, for which it is one of the best upright freezers for the garage. 

  • Cylinder door lock

The freezer has a cylinder door lock which hinders unwanted access.

  • Reasonable price

The price is not that much compared to its quality. It comes at an affordable price.


  • Produces noise

There are some complaints about the freezer making noise though the sound is minimal.

  • Manual frost

The user has to defrost manually at a regular interval of time. 

2. Commercial Cool Upright Freezer

This freezer is one of the best hot freezers for the garage. This model can serve all your demands if you want to use this personally or have extra storage for food or ice cream. This freezer is manufactured to be used both for indoor and outdoor use. 

The freezer gives a good look with a white color finishing. The interior of the freezer is divided into two parts by a wired shelf. You can remove the rack if needed. This freezer offers 1.2 cubic feet of space. You can manage all your food items in this. You can also use this to keep your water cold. Many people use this for storing breast milk.

With a dimension of 19.7” x 19.3” x 19.7”, it can fit well at any place in your house or garage. For its upright position and the plane surface on the top, a microwave oven or something like that can be kept. But this may not be appropriate for this mini freezer.
This space-saving freezer has a system of temperature control too. You can set the temperature according to your needs. The door is reversible too. That makes it customizable. The freezer is ANSI-approved. You won’t have to worry about this.
I assure you that it is very energy efficient. It works on 120V and doesn’t increase your electric bill significantly.


  • Good for personal use

For its small size, this freezer can be a perfect choice for personal use. It can store enough food items for one person.

  • Energy efficient

It doesn’t affect the electric bill at all. It uses energy very efficiently.

  • Great freezer for the price

Compared to other freezers of the same size, the price of this freezer is affordable. But the quality is good.

  • Minimal frost

Though it depends on manual defrost, the frost is minimal that you don’t need to worry.

  • Reversible door hinges

The freezer offers reversible door hinges. You can set the door hinges on either of the two sides. 


  1.  Reliability

Some users found it less worthy for a long time. This really questions its reliability.

It’s perfect for personal use or for keeping any specific items. But it can’t meet the needs of the whole family.

3. Danby Garage Ready Chest Freezer

Now I would like to introduce a chest freezer to you as you may need a garage-ready freezer and has more storage to keep food items. A mini freezer may not be the perfect choice for you. So, I recommend choosing the Danby DCF038A2WDB chest freezer, which is available in 3.8 and 5.5 cubic feet storage.

This one can be considered the best freezer for the hot garage. Its insulated cabinet and lid make it efficient as a garage-ready freezer. The rounded cover and body and the glowing finishing look so adorable. You can keep it anywhere in your house. This freezer has a compact and modern design. 

As a giant freezer, this doesn’t use a lot of energy. And the freezing capacity is excellent. It takes a short time to cool down and freeze. Again it can keep things cold for a lot of time, even one day or more without electricity. It can reduce 20 degrees F within an hour. That is impressive. 

The temperature control has given this freezer an extra quality feature. You can set the temperature from -13 f to 10.5 F in the environmental temperature from 0 F to 110 F. This item also has a manual defrost system which may seem strenuous. But it is suitable for the performance of the freezer. 

This freezer will please you with its storing capacity, and you can keep meats, fish, vegetables, and any food item you want to keep. 


  • Great space

The freezer provides enough storage as a mini freezer. 

  • Saves energy

This freezer doesn’t use that much energy. So, the energy efficiency of this model is undoubted.

  • Easy to move on the floor

The size and legs of the freezer make the movement manageable.

  • Good thermostat control

The freezer is highly recommended for reasonable temperature control.

  • Works in both hot and cold weather

As a garage-ready freezer, it can function well in both hot and cold weather.


  • A little bit pricey

For its high quality, it may seem pricey. The price is higher than that of many models of the same size. 

  • The body is not too strong.

The body of the freezer is not so strong. Some customers got the freezer dented.

4. RCA Vertical Upright Freezer

This tiny freezer is a good choice for those who want a freezer for personal use or a single definite purpose like storing breast milk or ice cream. The fridge can fit well in your garage and any place you want. You can travel with it to keep your water bottles cold.

This white color freezer has an aluminum body. With reversible door hinges, it gives the flexibility to use. It has shelves in full width. Having a dimension of 18.2 x 20.28 x 20.47 inches, It offers 1.1 cubic feet of space. Remember its size. It may not be able to keep oversized food items. But it’s enough to hold small food items like meat, fruits, vegetables, and beverages.
It works on 120V and can freeze water into ice. It’s just a regular freezer and can’t be used as a standard fridge. However, it’s energy-efficient. According to most users, the electric bill doesn’t vary too much. And it takes a little time to freeze.
The freezer makes some noise. To some people, it’s just a bit of noise that you don’t need to care about. For a garage, that is not the issue. Moreover, there is a temperature controller so that you can control the temperature.


  • Multi-purpose use

For its small size, this can be used both indoor and outdoor allowing versatile use.

  • Energy efficient

The freezer uses a small amount of energy. It doesn’t affect your electric bill. 

  • Temperature control

The temperature control of the freezer is pretty good for keeping the food items at the temperature below the ice point. 

  • Can fit anywhere

For its small size, it can fit anywhere besides the garage.

  • Price is reasonable

Compared to other freezers of the same quality and size, the price is reasonable.


  • Produces noise

The freezer is not noise-free. It produces some white noise. 

  • Space is limited

The size of the freezer may not serve enough as extra storage as its storage is limited.

5. Walsh Compact Refrigerator,  Dual Door Fridge

If you are planning to look for a fridge with a freezer at this time, I have a suggestion for you. I think this would be the best fridge freezer for the garage having the facility of a standard fridge. You don’t need to think twice before buying it, I assure you.

This refrigerator is divided into two compartments. One is a standard fridge, and the other is a small freezer. The fridge is available in 3 sizes. Each size has a freezer compartment though the freezer compartment is small. However, the freezer of 3.1 and 3.5 cubic feet has a pretty amount of space while the freezer of a 1.7 cubic feet fridge is too small.
The 3.1 cubic feet storage model has two different doors for two compartments, while the others have only one entry. All the models have door storages in which you can easily keep food items and cold drinks. It is easy to open the door. Moreover, this fridge also gives you the advantage of a reversible door.
The refrigerator has reasonable control of temperature. You can set the control dial in between 0 and 7. The average fridge temperature is 32℉ and 47℉, while the freezer temperature is less than 32℉. So, you can make ice and keep frozen food items in the freezer.
The interior of the fridge is pretty good for storage. There are two removable glass shelves and a crystal crisper to arrange the food items at ease.
The fridge has a stainless steel look with brush finishing. It works on 120V and spends about 357kwh a year. This is very energy efficient for this size. The interior light and thermostat control make it more desirable.


  • Enough storage

This fridge has shelves and door storage for keeping food items and beverages. Space is pretty much enough as a garage fridge.

  • Two compartments

The fridge has two compartments. One is normal, and the other is a freezer compartment. This offers versatile usage.

  • Good temperature control

The temperature is suitable for both compartments. It keeps the food intact.

  • Energy efficient

As a mini-fridge, the energy efficiency is brilliant. It doesn’t increase the electricity bill too much.

  • Fit for garage

The fridge is compact and fit enough to keep in the garage. 


  • Small freezer

The freezer is too small compared to the space of the fridge. It may not be enough to keep a good amount of frozen food.

  • Noisy

The fridge makes some noise which may be annoying, though, in the garage, it doesn’t matter that much.

How to choose the right freezer for the garage

You are already acquainted with some best freezers for the garage. I am giving here some tips for you so that you choose the perfect freezer by yourself. Keep these factors in mind while making a purchase. 

  • Right size according to need

For the garage, usually mini freezers are used. You have to choose the right size of the freezer. Make sure that the freezer can store all the food items you want to keep. Think about your needs first. 

Don’t select unnecessarily big-sized freezer. More giant freezers use more energy than small ones, and they are costlier too. 

You may be confused about choosing one from an upright or chest freezer. For the garage, mainly mini freezers are admired most. The upright freezers provide some separate storage like shelves and drawers. However, if your only concern is the space, you can select a chest freezer.

  • Good temperature control

The primary purpose of a freezer is to keep food items frozen. And this frozen food is kept intact at a definite temperature. So, the freezer must be able to maintain a temperature under 32℉. 

The thermostat control is also necessary. The user needs different temperatures in the freezer according to needs. For ice cream, too much low temperature is not required. On the other hand, you need to set a shallow temperature for making ice fast.

  • Adaptability in hot and cold weather

For the garage freezer, this point is a must. The garage can be colder or hot than room temperature. The freezer needs to function well in all kinds of weather. Hence, garage-ready freezers are recommended. 

The garage-ready freezers are manufactured in a way to keep the thermostat control well functioning in any environment. So, these freezers are suitable for the garage.

  • Energy efficiency

Two things depend on energy efficiency. One is maintaining the food items cold enough. And the other is keeping the electric bill in control. If the freezer is energy efficient, it can keep the food items good in cold temperatures.

The energy-efficient freezers don’t use a lot of energy. So, they won’t affect the electric bill that much. The yearly consumption of energy is mentioned in the manual of the freezer. In most cases, this information is reliable. So, check the annual consumption for energy.

  • Good for the price

All the pricier things are not better. There are some other factors. So, be careful while choosing a freezer. Look for the quality you need. If your desired features are present, then consider the price. 

There are different products of different prices available in the market. Compare the freezers of the same quality but different prices. Read the reviews given by other buyers. Then choose your freezer.

  • Noise-free

Though noise is not an excellent issue for the garage freezers, I recommend buying a noise-free freezer yet because it’s not confirmed that you will always keep the freezer in the garage.

Some freezers make a little noise that can be regarded as white noise. If other qualities are present, you can choose them. But don’t buy one with a loud noise. It may be a fact of disturbance to your work. 

  • Shelves and drawers

The shelves and drawers are great for sorting the food items in the freezer in an arranged order. The number and variety of these storages is a positive thing. 

Make sure that the shelves are removable. Because sometimes, you may need to remove the shelf or drawer to give space for the bigger food items.

Frequently asked questions

Can I keep a freezer in an unheated garage?

Both very high or very low temperatures are bad for the function of the freezer. The freezer should be kept between 0℉ and 110℉. More or less than this temperature can hamper the function of the freezer, even damage the freezer.

Which freezers can be used in a garage?

Garage-ready freezers are specially made for tolerating the rise and fall in the temperature of the garage. They can be stable at high or low temperatures. 

Which is better upright or chest freezer for the garage?

In general, chest freezers are better at keeping the food items frozen. The space for keeping food is also more in the chest freezers. But for the garage, mini freezers are chosen. In that case, an upright freezer is better.

Are all freezers suitable for garages?

There may be a change in temperature in the garage. All freezers can’t tolerate high or low temperatures. The freezer should have freezer-guard technology. The climate class rating should also be checked. Garage-ready freezers can be a better solution.

Do frost-free freezers ruin meat?

It is true that frost-free freezers give users an advantage. The users don’t need to defrost the freezers regularly. But frost-free freezers have to go through a freezer cycle. During this cycle, the frozen meat comes in contact with air and may not be cold enough to be intact. This can literally ruin the meat.

Final Words

If you are here reading from first, you almost know how to pick the best fridge freezer for the garage. Keep the tips in mind mentioned above. Those tips will help you if you get confused while purchasing. I also recommended some products after analyzing the products available in the market and from personal experience and knowledge. You won’t regret it if you choose any of them.

I also answered some frequent questions that come randomly to mind. I hope this helps. Remember all these. Hopefully, you will be able to make a good purchase and thus end up getting a perfect freezer for your garage.

best fridge freezers for a garage
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