4 Best Lawn Mower For Small Yard In 2021 – Experts Buyer Guide

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Here has the Best lawn mower for small yard check the review before buy. Mowing is very impotent to make your yard beautiful. Otherwise, it will like a forest & there will be so many dangerous insects & snakes. All yard is not so big. The average American home yard is 10,000 square feet. It needs half an hour to mow to cover the mow. For mowing this small yard you don’t need the big mower.

1. DeWalt Mower

DeWalt Mower is a 3-in-1 cordless lawn mower that is powered by two 20-volt MAX batteries that deliver twice the voltage. The high-output motor delivers a powerful performance. Furthermore, its 3-in-1 capability allows for mulching, bagging, or rear clipping discharge and is ideal for small and medium-sized lawns. This lawnmower designed to help you get the job done with a 20-inch metal deck, quick and easy single-lever height adjustment, and folding handles for compact and upright storage.


Key Features Of DeWalt Mower

  • The powerful brushless motor and its two 20-volt MAX batteries work together for remarkable output
  • It is a 3-in-1 mowing option of mulching, bagging, and rear discharge of clippings
  • The heavy-duty 20-inch metal deck helps to get the job done faster
  • Single lever height adjustment ranges from 1.5 inches to 3.4 inches
  • Folding handle makes storage and transportation easy


DeWalt Mower 3-in-1 boasts of high-efficiency and consistent top-notch cutting performance. This cordless mower has a 20-inch metal deck to cut with precision and a folding handle for upright storage. It mulches, bags, and has rear discharge to throw out grass clippings. It is a mower that maneuvers easily around all objects and vegetation.

Ease of Use

DeWalt Mower 3-in-1 mower operates like a typical walk-behind machine because of its cordless nature. When you are done with the job, just fold in the handle and store it upright in a corner.  There is no need to pull a cord since it is operated with a battery. That is a great convenience.

Cut Quality

DeWalt Mower 3-in-1 40-volt mower delivers a consistently clean-cutting performance. The large 20-inch cutting deck does an impressive job and the 3-in-1 mowing options mean you can bag mulch or discharge clippings from the rear. Also, when those batteries run down, the on-deck LED light board lets you know so that you can charge them.

In order to see the battery level gauge, press and hold the gauge button. You will observe a combination of three green LED lights, which indicates the level of charge left.


DeWalt Mower’s 3-in-1 maintenance is negligible. The mower has no carburetor, no spark plug, no air filter, and no fuel or oil. That means no mess. Lots of costs have been saved by not having all of that.

DeWalt Mower needs to be charged first before usage. It makes sense to read all the safety instructions before using the charger. This is to let you know the charger’s compatibility with the battery pack.

The rest of the maintenance includes keeping the blade sharp, balanced, and clean; cleaning the charger when needed; keeping the air vents free of dirt and dust. No lubrication is needed, including for the wheels.

Store it in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight and excess heat.


DeWalt Mower 3-in-1 mower means some great money-saving for you. Being an electric mower, you will definitely save a lot of money on gas, oil, air filters, carbs, and other maintenance costs.

DeWalt Mower is for people who are on a tight budget but need a mower that can do a good job. Its performance is unparalleled. There would be no regrets purchasing this mower. The fact that it is cordless is impressive. This is a mower that will save you lots of money since it is cordless and runs without gas. This is a great and effective product without a doubt. This is the best brand to collect your Best lawn mower for the small yard for the small garden.

2. Great State Lawn Mower

Great State Lawn Mower 415-16 is a manual reel mower with a 16-inch cutting reel mounted on a 4-spider ball bearing system to make it much easier to get spinning quickly with just a gentle push. The cutting reel has 5 blades made with heat-treated steel so that they can go longer without needing to be sharpened.


It has a small footprint overall, which will be easy to find storage space for it in your garage. It is just 26 pounds, which makes it very lightweight. This is a small lawn mower it will be a perfect fit for you.

Great State Lawn Mower five cutting blades are made with a standard cutting system in mind.

The reel with a cutting blade in the rear of the assembly to slice through the grass. This provides reliable cutting power means this mower will need to be sharpened more often. The mower is operated through manual push power and it has a T-shaped handle that is designed to be ergonomically efficient for the user. That means you won’t have to worry about hurting your back or shoulders while you use it.

Great State Lawn Mower Features

  • 16-inch cutting deck
  • 10-inch ball bearing wheels
  • 3 Height Positions
  • Anti-dust Treatment
  • Heat-treated blades for a long-lasting quality cut
  • Weight: 26 lbs

Easy To Use

Great State Lawn Mower reel mechanism for rotating the blades work splendidly without much effort from the user. As long as you keep the mower moving forward, the sharp blades do the rest of the work. It takes a bit getting used to at the start if you haven’t used a reel mower before, but over time, the lack of gas refills, absolutely zero noise, and the ability to manicure your lawn will make this mower a superb one for you.

If only the height adjustment provided would have been slightly more than 2.75 inches, you could trim taller grass, but as it stands tall grass tends to need more passes than usual, but as long as you give your lawn weekly attention, this situation will never arise.

Cut Quality

Great State Lawn Mower being a push mower, usually finds it difficult to maintain consistent cut quality. However, because this mower has pure metal weighing a decent 25 lbs, it does not bang or clink on uneven terrain. The final result is a perfectly cut lawn when done weekly.

Height Adjustment

Great State Lawn Mower go from a half-inch of clearance to 2-3/4 inches in seconds and the unique roller drag-along to the back ensures the mower never drops below the intended height adjustment. Remember to always grease the blades up a bit before you start your lawn run.


Great State Lawn Mower has a minimum maintenance cost. Other than the yearly maintenance cost of oiling the blades, joints and probably repainting the mower every couple of years to prevent rust, this mower does not really need much attention. It is light, sturdy, and easy to use even after months of abuse. Just put it in your shed and bring it out on weekends without any worries.


The great States Lawn Mower 415-16 is so cost-effective. It is far cheaper than other brands. It’s also built to last. No spark plugs worries, no engine headaches, no fuel problems. These help to save you a lot of expenses.

Great States Lawn Mower is a great manual mower. Nothing beats a reel manual because it saves you unnecessary costs in the long run. This is your best bet if you have a small-sized lawn. I hope you get why it is also the best lawn mower for a small yard.

3. Husqvarna Mower

Husqvarna Mower 7021P is a strong mower that can take care of a small and medium-sized lawn. This is a powerful mower with tremendous fuel efficiency. It has an incredible cut quality with just a few shortcomings that can be forgiven. It is an impressive mower at its cost.


Husqvarna Mower has a 21-inch cutting width, 1.5 to 3.5-inch cutting height, six cutting height increments, and four-point height adjustment. Its easy-starting solid Honda GCV160 engine ensures smooth and efficient operation.

It maneuvers intelligently around uneven terrain, bumps, and tight areas around trees and bushes. It has 12-inch rear wheels and double ball bearings that help to keep things smooth and stable, even when the ground isn’t even.

Features Of Husqvarna Mower

  • Honda GCV160 Engine
  • Three clipping-disposal options: bag, mulch or side-discharge
  • 12-inch rear wheels
  • Foldable, ergonomically designed adjustable handle


Husqvarna Mower with Honda GCV160 engine delivers creditably on lawns. One of the shortcomings of this mower is that it is a bit noisy but that does take away its impressive performance.

Ease Of Use

Husqvarna Mower 7021P is not complicated. When the mower is in use, its ergonomically designed handle is a perfectly comfortable fit for any user and folds down neatly to save space when stored. It starts with ease and operates smoothly.

Cut Quality & Options

Husqvarna Mower cutting prowess isn’t without its limitations. But under dry conditions, even famously hardy strains such as Bermuda or St. Augustine grasses won’t slow this compact mower down.

Highlighting on the cutting height, there is a separate adjustment lever for each wheel which is a bit of stress. To make matters worse, the rear controls, in particular, are known to be rather fragile. Again, all these have nothing to do with the top-notch performance of this machine.

Husqvarna Mower offers three discharge options for ejecting clippings. There is bagging, mulching, or side discharge option for clippings.


Husqvarna Mower is easy to maintain and its maintenance must be done periodically. Change the oil on schedule. Always set the choke before starting it. You can sharpen the blade yourself or sharpen it in your local area at a cost. Keep the fuel and spark plugs clean. Always abide by the maintenance standards expected of any gas-powered mower and you would have a mower that will stand the test of time.

Safety Features

Husqvarna Mower offers little in terms of safety features. To stop the engine in the event of a safety hazard, simply release the bailout lever, and the cutting mechanism will shut down almost immediately.


Husqvarna Mower will definitely do a satisfactory job when on a small and medium-sized lawn. It can be very challenging working on a large lawn. With a 600cc engine, this is great by any standards. Its maneuverability is nice even on uneven ground. It does much better on even ground.

The little flaws with this machine can be said to be inconsequential. It is able to cut the toughest grasses with the utmost ease. On a large lawn, the mower will suck a lot of fuel. That is one drawback for large acres of land. Nevertheless, the mower has a pass mark.

Husqvarna Mower is for people who are on a tight budget but need a mower that can do a good job. Its performance is top-notch. There would be no regrets purchasing this mower. The fact that it is a gas-powered mower can increase the cost of usage. Aside from this, there are no worries with this mower. This is a great and efficient mower at its cost. Gardeners love it for its performance if you will buy you will understand why I am saying it the best lawn mower for small yard.

4. Scotts Lawn Mower

Scotts Lawn Mower – Scotts 2000-20 is a manual reel lawnmower with a cutting blade that is 20 inches wide. This deep-cutting blade makes this reel mower the widest cutting blade amongst manual mowers. A wider cutting reel will allow you to get your grass cut in fewer passes in less time. This mower is very compact; which means storage won’t be a problem.


Scotts Lawn Mower has got a standard cutting system.

Nothing beats a manual reel mower especially if you have a small yard or lawn. It is an ideal manual that does not drain your pocket. Apart from the money used in purchasing the mower, the other cost is just for the sharpening of the blades. No oil, no grease, no fuel, no engine, no spark plugs, no headache.

mowers for small yards

Scotts Lawn Mower comes with 9-height adjustment options which are between 1 to 3 inches so that you can always be sure you are giving your lawn the best possible cut so as to get a lush green look. The height of the cutting reel can easily be adjusted using a convenient one-touch quick height adjuster.

Highlighted Features Of Scotts Lawn Mower

  • 10-inch dual tracking wheels with durable radial tires
  • Weighs just 34 pounds
  • 9-optional heights from 1 to 3 inches
  • 20-inch cutting deck
  • Five heat-treated steel blades


Scotts Lawn Mower’s performance is top-notch. If you are working on even terrain, this mower will gladden your heart because of its superb performance. Even as a manual reel mower, it is equipped with so much power to get the work done with less sweat.

Easy To Use

Scotts Lawn Mower is easy to assemble without the use of tools. It is totally manually operated which creates fewer issues for the owner. That does not mean it does not have its flaws. Its joints feel a bit uncomfortable. Its mid-section looks so fragile but you can take solace with its extra power to deliver in difficult terrains. It has a comfortable grip and maneuvers easily on uneven areas.

Cut Quality

Scotts Lawn Mower cut quality is impressive with a 20-inch deck that makes cutting so smooth even more than most gas-powered mowers. It also comes with 5 heat-treated helix steel blades which helps you to cut the grass without sapping your energy. Its cuttings are done with absolute precision. The blades turn faster to give you even cuts all the time.


Scotts Lawn Mower’s maintenance is why the mower is a good buy for many small yard owners. You will only do blade sharpening which can be once in a year. You can also buy oil to ensure that all moving parts are adequately lubricated in order to avoid friction which may lead to breakage.

Always ensure that the spiders where the blades are mounted, their rotating shaft, each cutting surface, and the wheels and cutting reel axle shaft are well lubricated. Aside from these two, there are no other expenses. The lawnmower is the best riding lawn mower for the small yards you can choose for your small garden.


Scotts Lawn Mower is cost-effective for people with a small lawn. It is a huge saving when compared to purchasing a gas-powered mower or a motorized mower. Keeping the blades sharp and the moving parts lubricated are the most important aspect of the mower. There are no spark plugs to purchase and no engine to lubricate. It doesn’t get better than this in terms of cost.

Scotts Lawn Mower keeps costs low in all its ramifications. This is the mower for you if you own a small-sized yard or lawn. It is a great value for your money. Yet, it is durable and rugged.

So choose the best lawn mower for the small yard from the review collection.


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