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The best way of cooking your food is to use the pressure cooker. The experience of rich taste, flavor, and the crispy feeling from the foods will be entirely different for every recipe. The way you cook your veggie foods will be unique in setting the pressure and temperature values. The values for meat, fish and other delicacies have to be different. But it is not possible to set such values in the standard pressure cooker. At best you can increase the time of cooking. Now, think of the other possibility. The best multi-cooker gives you plenty of options to set the pressure, temperature, steam release frequency, and plenty of other parameters.

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In this review, we introduce you to the top brands and models of the multicooker. They are known for their scientific design, engineering construction, durability, safety, and fuel consumption efficiency. Use them for a month, and you can experience a considerable reduction in the energy bills you pay. We suggest you read the review with an open mind, so it is possible to choose the best for your requirement now.

1. Breville BPR700BSS Fast Slow Pro Best Multi cooker

Breville BPR700BSS is made of a robust stainless steel body and easy to handle design. The most visibly striking feature is its digital display and control unit. Multiple knobs allow you to set the temperature, pressure, time, and the related parameters to precision. The best multi-cooker candle of all types and sizes of veggies and meat with high efficiency.

There are plenty of settings in the low, medium, and high-pressure zones. When you cook vegetables like carrots, beans, potatoes, and other soft-skinned veggies, the pressure can be controlled for low range. Similar settings are available for poultry, meat, and even soup. The display unit shows you the settings for each food when you rotate the knobs.

Multi cooker

The most incredible feature of the Breville BPR700BSS is its flexibility. You can set the cooking settings from fast and medium to slow settings. The stated range is from 2 to 12 hours. You can start your cooking, go shopping, watch a film, and return much before the cooker prepares your food.
The best part of Breville is the steam release speed. You can optimize it with the settings for every kind of food to preserve its taste and aroma. You may also opt for quick pressure release when you are famished and can’t afford to wait longer.
No matter how you use it, the Breville BPR700BSS won’t compromise safety. The locking mechanism is powerful. The engineers have worked wonders to ensure maximum safety when used according to instructions on the manual under standard conditions.


  • Three-way safety
  • Hands-free steam release
  • Customized temperature and pressure settings
  • Easy to use knobs
  • Sturdy stainless construction
  • Top-quality safety valves
  • Easy to handle design


  • Some users may feel the handles’ size to be insufficient

2. Instant Pot Ultra 6 Qt 10-in-1 Multi- Use-Programmable Pressure Cooker

Have you ever cooked your food on an earthen pot? Boiling rice, meat, poultry, and soups in the pot gives you an exceptional taste. The heat can penetrate deep into the layers of food and cook them to perfection. But it takes a long time and needs traditional fuel like charcoal.

If you haven’t experienced it, the Instant Pot Ultra 6 is here. It has all the incredible features of the traditional pot with the advanced programmable controls of a high-end pressure cooker. Users have stated it to be the best cooker for a weekend party at home.
It can handle rice, veggies, meat, fish, eggs, porridge, yogurt, cake, and more. Your guests will cherish the taste and fragrance of the foods. They will also envy your mastery in preparing food faster than they can remember the recipes.
What makes the Instant Pot Ultra 6 so feature-rich? You can say it is the microprocessor. You can give credit to its multipurpose cooking capacity. You can also attribute the specialty to the engineered precision parts and components. Or you can say it is the combination of all working in precision order and coordination.
Underwriters Laboratory (UL) is the top product quality and safety certification organization in the USA. Getting the certification takes decades of research and development into safety, quality, dependability, and feasibility. The Instant Pot Ultra 6 has the UL certification for all these parameters and much more. So, you can bring home the best multi-cooker today and start treating your family with the best feasts.


  • The advanced central dial system
  • Altitude adjustment
  • Cooking progress indicator
  • Microprocessor control
  • UL certified 11-way safety
  • Customized steam release settings
  • Sturdy stainless steel construction
  • Multiple program settings


  • No visible cons

The Instant Pot Ultra 6 comes with the easy to handle controls and an advanced microprocessor. UL grade Stainless steel interiors ensure freedom from rust, harmful elements, and corrosion for decades. Heat distribution and retention happen evenly within the interiors. Hence, the settings are precise and controlled.

3. Mealthy MultiPot 9-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker

What does a steam basket do in your cooker? It performs multiple functions. It can preserve the heat for hours. It can make the steam penetrate the layers of food. Every part of the food blossoms for the most incredible taste you can experience. It also preserves the vital fluids from the meat, poultry, and fish within the layers. It can also enhance the moisture, juiciness, and liveliness of the foods for a long time.

Mealthy MultiPot is known for boiling the grains without losing the vital vitamins within them. The best multicooker comes with intelligent controls and pressure and temperature values. The designers seem to be specialists in culinary practices since they have fine-tuned every parameter to precision. It can also preserve the spiciness, rich aroma, and delicious sensations of the food for hours.
If you are new to cooking, the system offers automated settings for every food you prepare at home. If you are an expert, it gives you the option of making manual settings. Even if you were to be a master chef, it has multiple options to cook food with steam, pressure, temperature, and the distinctive ability to enhance the hidden flavors and juices.
The OEMs have given top priority to the safety factors of the pressure cooker. Efficient and tested locking controls and safety valves ensure complete safety from all possible risks. You can leave the cooker unattended with the automated settings for hours when the cooking setting is slow. The indicators and sound alerts are the best you can have for ensuring maximum safety.


  • The clearly visible LCD panel
  • Efficient control panel with touch technology
  • Wide steam vent
  • Highest pressure protection system
  • Multiple controls for customized settings
  • 14 credible cooking programs
  • Safe to handle design
  • Solid construction for decades of durability


  • May take relatively extra time for chunks of meat with bone

High-quality stainless steel construction within the interiors and exteriors ensures the best quality cooking. Thermal distribution and retention happen evenly. The steam basket gives you the option of cooking multiple dishes within a single setting.

4. Instant Pot DUO60 6 Qt 7-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cook

If you want the best multi-cooker for cooking a vast range of foods, from soups to prawns and meats, the Instant Pot DUO60 6 is the right choice. It can make your soup thicker, spicier, tastier, steamier, and of course, the most fragrant ever. It works with equal efficiency on the multiple types of meat, poultry, and the incredible range of seafood. With this cooker in your home, you will feel pleasure to invite your friends and dear ones for a party every weekend.

The most important aspect of the Instant Pot DUO60 6 is its ability to control pressure, temperature, and steam within a narrow range. For example, you can vary the pressure in fractions of PSI. It is the most critical factor, which helps you in controlling the flavor and taste of foods.
The intricate design and precision control are also responsible for making your foods recipe-specific in quality and connoisseur specifications. The steaming, boiling, heating, and cooling parameters are entirely different for the ingredients and the specialized recipe.
For example, you could consider the differences between cooking fish in the Mexican and Vietnamese methods. Only an expert recipe writer can know the difference. The Instant Pot DUO60 6 seems to be designed to match the specific requirements of master chefs worldwide. So, you can master the art of intercontinental cooking within weeks with this best cooker.

  • Latest technology microprocessor
  • UL and ULC certification for safety and quality
  • Inbuilt error correction mechanism (for minor flaws)
  • Long-term retention of aroma and taste
  • Multiple cooking options for intercontinental recipe
  • Strong construction and flexible design
  • Best controls for nutrient retention
  • 14 smart cooking programs


  • No visible cons

5. Tayama TMC-60XL 6 Quart 8 in 1 Multi-Function Pressure Cooke

Brown and wild rice have a maximum volume of nutrients, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. Their fat content is the healthiest for people with muscular and nervous instability. When you cook them in the traditional cooker, their boiling is incomplete, or they lose the vital elements into the steam and boiling water. If you want the best cooker to cook these types of rice, Tayama TMC-60XL is the product of your choice.

Tayama can cook much more than only rice. It has multiple inbuilt controls for seafood, meat, poultry, yogurt, cereals, grains, and anything you can cook and eat. Tayama is also the most recommended cooker for sushi, MOCHI, RAMEN, and many other Japanese-cooked foods. The characteristic is stated to be due to the precision pressure and temperature settings within the cooker.
The first and the most visibly striking feature of Tayama is its control panel. The semi-circular shape makes it easy to access and operate within minutes. It is also easy to operate them for varying the parameters at micron levels. For example, the ideal pressure and cooking temperature for Tuna fish has a very narrow difference compared to Solomon. As a hobby cook, you may find it difficult to monitor and control. Tayama has automated settings that solve the problem for you.
Tayama is the best multi-cooker for its ability to preserve the essential fluids within meat and fish. The pressure and temperature control parameters can prevent vital ingredients from escaping with steam.

  • Latest Microprocessor-based cooker
  • Customized programs for cooking
  • Inbuilt steam tray
  • Inbuilt canning rack
  • The precision digital display panel
  • 8-in-1 multi-functions
  • Designed to preserve vital food nutrients
  • Long durable construction
  • Easy to handle design
  • Central display panel size may seem to be small for some users 3

Tayama has the best-customized programs for small and large family cooking projects, especially during party times at home. It has the best timer, which can monitor fast, medium, slow, and slowest cooking methods. Your guests who may arrive for food after extended cocktail sessions will find the taste and aroma to be incredibly different.


We have listed the most crucial, vital, essential, and functional product features in this review of the best multi cooker. You may evaluate the technical and functional features of every product and compare them with each other. Then you can know which pressure cooker can meet all your functional needs. For more information, you can visit our product website and explore technical information. We welcome you to share this review with your friends and dear ones who may be searching for the best multi-cooker like you.

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