Best tv for pc gaming buying guide

Gamers love at gaming a widescreen a high-resolution device. Even if it is a laptop or TV. Last few years a silent change came at the gaming world. Especially in PS3, PS4, Airborne, Crossy road, Xbox, etc bring the change. Kids are not getting time from their parents. Parents can give spend time with their kids by gaming. It can be a great option of time spend with kids & it will be not only gaming it will make bond also with parent’s children. Gaming TV is expensive. All the parents can’t afford it. If the tv is not 4k or 3D you can’t really taste of gaming. The TV will give your home beauty what will help you with amazing home decor.   If you have a budget for TV you can check the best TV for pc gaming guide.

Before collect check our guide to get the best one. If money is not a big issue Samsung Q led will be a great choice for you. Samsung Q led gives strikingly impressive colors which will give you eye satisfaction.

So let’s check why it is the best TV for gaming.

Samsung Q led:

Samsung Q led 4k resolution is the best feature for dedicated gaming which will prioritize perfectly image processing. It takes millisecond from rendering to display.

4k to HDR: All console doesn’t support 4k. The TV is a changeable 4k resolution to HDR as console requirement but you have to make sure about your console.


  • The TV is available in various sizes as your requirement so you can choose as your needed one.
  • Quantum dots & billion of shades gives an amazing image.
  • 100% color revivify color in different content gives a brilliant visual experience.
  • The setup of the TV is very easy if you file difficult to do kindly check the user manual.

Sony 4K smart led:

In 4k smart TV world, Sony is a giant. Sony XBR43X800E is one of the great features of gaming. You can play all the games smoothly with this gaming TV. Check the features of the TV that will help you enough to choose the best TV.


  • The TV support Alexa for voice control.
  • Smart features will give you access to your favorite apps & control of Sony Android TV.
  • 4K ultra will give you clarity with the contrast for the natural picture.
  • You can change the TV to HDR mode as your console requirement.
  • Its slim design makes it a great look.
  • The TV has 4 HDMI cable ports & 3 USB ports.
  • Available at the various size.

TCL55S517 4k TV: Earlier TCL agonizes with poor quality with several screen problem.

In smart TV technology, they did not get the place. That’s why the focused on the quality & screen. Now they took a good position in the technology of the smart TV world. Check the specification of TCL55S517 to get the best one.


  • Available in various sizes.
  • The smart function offers Roku TV featuring 500,000 movies & TV episodes.
  • Dolby vision is high dynamic for the most natural picture.
  • 3 HDMI & one USB.


It is another innovation invention of LG. The TV helped LG to make a good market place in the smart TV world. Already LG has a good marketplace like Samsung & sony.


  • LG OLED TV comes with artificial intelligence. So you can control your smart home device by use of the LG magic remote.
  • The A7 intelligence processor enhances 4K & HDR content for a true gaming experience.
  • Used the latest display panel.

If you will make separate the top TV brand  LG, Sony, Samsung will be top. They are top in not by name by the quality also. Now a day’s TCL also doing good. Whatever it depends on your choice. We just make separated best TV for your gaming experience. I hope our best for pc gaming collection helped you to find the best gaming tv.

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