Canon EOS 80D Digital Camera

Canon EOS 80D Digital Camera is a DSLR camera just like its predecessor Canon 70D. It comes with the latest 24MP CMOS sensor. The camera is upgraded to the 45-point hybrid AF system compared to Canon EOS 70D that has a 19-point AF system. This is obviously a giant leap. The camera comes in all alluring black. The camera does not attract dust or moisture; thereby making it weather resistant. Its polycarbonate exterior, with its magnesium alloy chassis, is a beauty to behold. The design looks like the Canon EOS 70D, with some of its control accessed through the back touchscreen, and also through other control points. The video is a great part of the camera. It captures in 1080/60p with continuous autofocus during any video shoot. There is the addition of a headphone socket that would be very complementary to the microphone.

Key Features

  1. Wi-Fi and NFC
  2. 7560-pixel RGB+IR metering sensor
  3. 45-point AF system
  4. 3-inch 10.4m touchscreen
  5. 24MP APS-C CMOS sensor along with Dual Pixel AF
  6. 7 fps non-stop shooting in AF
  7. Resistance to weather

Canon EOS Digital Camera has other features like the new mirror vibration control system; which is comparable to Canon 70 Mark II. This feature helps it in no small way to reduce blurring effects caused by the shock of the camera’s shutter.


Canon EOS Digital Camera beats every other Canon camera with its latest sensor. It is a leader in this regard. What comes close to it is the Canon EOS Mark II, with a 24MP APS-C. The camera becomes a lot more attractive to professional videographers because of its touch focus advantage.


Canon EOS Digital Camera accessories are recommended for photographers that are looking for ingenious ways to improve on image quality, or are looking for accessories that will take their photography profession to the next level. These accessories include ones from other brands that we have tested and are very compatible with the camera. The accessories are:

  1. PZ-E1 Power Zoom Adapter ( Canon )
  2. DM-E1 Microphone ( Canon )
  3. LP-E6N Battery(In case you need an extra battery)
  4. BG-E14 Battery Grip

Other compatible accessories from other brands are:

  1. SanDisk 32GB Memory Card
  2. Dolica AX620 62-inch Tripod (for camera stability)
  3. Newer TT560 Flash Speedlite


Canon EOS Digital Camera as earlier mentioned is almost similar to its predecessor Canon EOS 70D when it comes to the physical design of the 80D Canon EOS. Apart from the Q Menu and the Playback button, it will be very difficult for you to differentiate 80D Canon from the 70D Canon.

Canon EOS camera has a headphone port which the 70D EOS does not have. Taking a look at the camera right from the top, it looks much like the 70D. You would find the AF mode on the right side of the camera. Other things you would find include the ISO, metering mode button; you would also find the LCD panel button for illumination.

Canon EOS 80D Digital SLR Camera back view

Canon EOS Digital Camera back is where you find the AP Point Selection button and the multi-controller that is used to move, and point up and down, left and right. It is possible to also reprogram the multi-controller arrow keys too.


Canon EOS Digital Camera is very easy to operate because it comes with the very latest tabbed menu system. There is 5 mode dial when it comes to selection. They are; TV, AV, M, B, C1. These 5 selection mode incorporates Setup, Custom Function menus, Shooting, Playback, and My Menu option. Any of these options can be saved easily, and when it is saved; it becomes your favorite way to have quick access to your chosen option. In the Custom Function Menu section, you will find 3 sub-sections like Autofocus, Exposure, and Operation. Autofocus is a very useful option.

Canon EOS 80D Digital SLR Camera-side view


80D Canon EOS Digital Camera is integrated with the latest touchscreen when it comes to interface. The important functions that you can access through the touch of buttons can also be accessed through the touchscreen. This could be done through the Q Menu. With the touchscreen, you can set the camera to focus on a point, and the shutter will take the shots with just a tap of your finger.

Canon EOS Digital Camera makes life very easy for users who wear gloves when the weather is cold. It is not easy to pull off the gloves, and then use the touchscreen and put the gloves back on. Canon has found an innovative way to solve this problem. For this reason, you can actually switch from touchscreen to sensitive mode through the ‘Touch Control’ function. Users can also use the touchscreen to do playback. It is also possible to swipe through the images in the camera like just like you are swiping through your Android phone.

Canon EOS Digital Camera makes it easy for users to have a custom shooting option. There are 2 places on the mode dial where the settings of the camera can be saved. After you have set up your camera, you can then register, and also save your settings to either C1 or C2. You have to go to the Setup menu, and select Custom shooting mode (C1, C2). This setting is very convenient for users who want to do a continuous shooting with the same setting all through the shooting sessions.


Canon EOS Digital Camera makes use of the LP-E6 rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The battery has got a superb performance. It also comes with an LC-E6 charger. The battery when fully charged serves you for a very long time. When you are on a stretch, the battery can serve you for up to 6 hours. It is capable of giving you up to 1,200 shots before it gets drained.

Image Quality

Canon EOS Digital Camera with its revolutionary Dual Pixel CMOS AF sensor is great news for lovers of quality images. Combining it with its 24 million-pixel sensor shows Canon has come a long way in innovative technology. 80D EOS camera resolution is supported by an anti-aliasing filter for better picture quality. When the camera is at ISO 100, it produces images that are very impressive and sharp. The shot is well detailed just like the way you see it with your eyes.

Canon EOS Digital Camera has two ways of shooting for image quality. It is either you set it to daylight or low-light shooting. Daylight shooting makes it possible for you to shoot by just manually set it to white balance which is aimed at having neutral frays. For low-light, the camera is set in the Auto setting. All in all, the camera still gives you a good shot whether in daylight or low-light shooting. If you are shooting in the default JPEG settings, the color is not saturated like in the previous DSLR Canon cameras. In terms of JPEG sharpening, the 80D EOS camera is a lot more detailed in comparison to other versions.


Canon EOS Digital Camera performance is top-notch. The ease of turning ON the camera is a big plus for users because the ON / OFF switch makes it very convenient for users. The camera has the capability of shooting continuously on 7fs at a very fast rate. When the camera is set at JPEG Large/Fine at the 7fs frame rate, it is capable of taking several shots without slowing down.

Canon EOS Digital Camera microphone and headphone input is a very stunning innovation by Canon. This will make the job of videographers to be a lot easier and interesting because it ensures the complete articulation of audio when plugged in. Also, photographers and videographers will be very excited about the EOS 80D because it is very compatible with the BG-E14 battery grip.

Canon EOS Digital Camera is superb with the introduction of the continuous autofocus. With this capability, the camera can take shots of slow or fasting moving objects like birds or cars. The camera is very responsive and effective. A touch on the touchscreen moves very swiftly. The metering system of the camera really proved its worth. No matter what the image set that you choose, either in 7fs or 3fs, the camera still produces bright images and captures exactly what you see with the help of its latest sensor.

Canon EOS Digital Camera has Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity. In order to connect the camera, you will go to the Setup menu, select ‘Wireless communication settings’. You can then enable Wi-Fi/NFC and get connected to a device. After the connection, the user can freely download files from the camera.


Canon EOS Digital Camera captures clean, sharp, and nice videos. Despite not being a 4k camera, the camera still produces satisfactory video quality. The camera is capable of shooting at up to 1080/60p when it is in MP4; alongside the standard IPB compression. If you want a higher quality video, the camera also records MOV files. Videographers, who have been looking forward to a Canon camera with a built-in stereo microphone, had their prayer answered with the making of the EOS camera. It also has a headphone too. This is a big plus for professional users. With this, video and audio can synchronize very smoothly.

Canon EOS Digital Camera video is a huge improvement compared to its former versions. Canon also introduced accessories which happened at the same time with the launch of the camera. The two accessories are the PZ-E1 and the DM-E1 shotgun microphone. The PZ-E1 is more unique in the sense that it is attached to the base of the new 18-35mm kit zoom. It helps to operate the zoom in a manner that is very smooth. The DM-E1 shotgun is a microphone that is very compatible with the camera using a 3.5mm socket.


Canon EOS Digital Camera has a Dual Pixel AF imaging sensor. The AF system is updated to a 45-cross-type AF point if you are shooting through the viewfinder. When in the 45-point autoselect mode, the EOS camera makes use of a 7560-pixel RGB+ IR metering sensor so as to help the autofocus system in order to track its object.

Canon EOS 80D Digital SLR Camera-up view


Extra Features

Canon EOS Digital Camera is a big advancement of its predecessor, EOS 70D. Equipping the EOS with the latest imaging sensor is actually revolutionary. This makes the camera stand out from the crowd. The new metering sensor, alongside the AF system, makes the camera a delight for photographers and other users. The capability of the continuous autofocus when in live view has made the camera the cynosure of all eyes. In the history of the Canon DSLR, the camera has the best APS-C sensor.

Canon EOS Digital Camera is very unique in the sense that there are accessories from other brands that are very compatible with the EOS camera. The accessories are SanDisk 32GB Memory Card, Dolica AX620 62-inch Tripod, and Newer TT560 Flash Speed lite. Not every camera manufacturing company creates the chance of compatibility with other accessory brands on the market. Canon is worthy of praises for this benevolence.

Canon EOS Digital Camera touchscreen is a big relief to people who are not used to the pressing of buttons. The fact that one can switch from touchscreen to sensitive mode through ‘Touch Control’ when the weather is cold for the purpose of using the camera with your gloves on, makes Canon a company that is thinking ahead. Good thinking can only produce a good product. Canon has impressed lovers of quality cameras with EOS. The camera though not a 4k camera, is still able to do justice to video productions; including music video productions. The introduction of the microphone to the camera is very novel. In all, the Canon EOS 80D camera will be a worthy possession for anyone who cherishes quality pictures and videos.

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