How to care laptop for long lasting?

The Laptop or commonly known as Laptop is currently fundamental equipment for work and daily use. Its main attraction is its easy portability and as the years go by they are more practical and light. We can highlight that the first laptop was created in 1982, it was called ” GRiD Compass 101″, it had the latest technology for the time. Due to its high cost, it was not easily accessible to the general population, only to large organizations, such as the research military, NASA, and even the United States government.

Laptops over the years were not only exclusive to work, it was encompassing the population called ” Gamers “, by the same basic principle, easy portability. Being able to play at any time was an attraction that many could not pass up.

Today we can say that technological advances have generated impressive features that Laptops can run to run next-generation games, although, to have an acceptable useful life, a series of recommendations must be followed.

1.-Do did not allow it to overheat.

One of the most common problems is that laptops overheat easily if you do not have on a surface that will allow the ventilation channels to do their job. Several factors influence, external and those of the same team. You cannot directly hit the sun’s rays or rest it on a hot surface.


The temperature it generates cannot do anything about it, but it can alleviate the effect. There are endless vented “bases” that adapt to each one in particular.

The temperature of the equipment is care laptopfundamental data for durability, its useful life is closely related.


You would be impressed to know everything that a Laptop can accumulate of dust and unwanted insects. The external maintenance of the equipment must be daily, with surfaces not completely wet, in the market for cleaning supplies for computers you can choose the best one that fits your budget.

It is recommended that internal maintenance be carried out by a professional, not only due to the complexity of its internal operation but due to the proper handling of the hardware.

3.-Have order in your files and games.

The order of your files is like keeping the order of a room, clothes, shoes, etc. Sector by category, documents, videos, games or other categories you may need. Folders with names that allow you to quickly locate what you need, in the same way, it happens with the orders that you give to your team. If you have everything you order, you will facilitate your work.

4.-Format periodically.

Just as we recommend that internal cleaning be done by a professional, formatting should also be done by someone with software skills. A backup is made of all the games and files that you want to keep, the rest of the files and backups in the background will be removed.

Formatting your Laptop can significantly extend its life.

5.-The internal battery and charging cable.

The battery, not to mention it among the first recommendations, does not diminish its relevance. Its useful life is measured in charge cycles, which vary depending on the manufacturer. When these cycles begin to show failures it is recommended to replace the battery as soon as possible, not doing so could trigger other inconveniences.

And how do we help the battery of our team? There are several recommendations for this, reducing the brightness of the screen, being one of the parts that consume the most battery. Disconnect all peripherals when not in use, as well as the mouse or joystick.

It is important as we mentioned before, the temperature. The equipment must be well ventilated, if the system is not, therefore, the battery will make a greater effort to bring it to an acceptable temperature.

6.-Case or cover.

You must have the correct measure of your laptop, buy a bag over large can cause the computer to move internally and hit with other surfaces, or if it is smaller adjusted can cause damage as well.

Be it a case, briefcase, or cover, ideally, it should be padded.

We can note that the durability or useful life of a gaming laptop is going to depend on many factors, but on average we can say that complying with the recommendations can last 5 years in optimal conditions.

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