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Air cooler regularly utilized for indoor or outside occasions, lobby or room, it is a cooling fan dissipation of water that helps cool the encompassing zone, it is compact and straightforward to move. A cheap portable air conditioner with a programmed seepage framework is an extraordinary thing to have because it transforms all build-up fluid into fumes. It would be best if you never worried about over-discharging out a pail of gathered water, or it is coincidentally flooding. A large portion of the items checked on above have a programmed waste framework or use dissipation to keep upkeep and wreck free.  At the point when you’re looking for a cheap portable air conditioner under $200, it’s critical to hold your desires within proper limits.

At this value point, you presumably won’t have the option to catch a conventional compact unit that pulls air from an external perspective, chills it off, and scatters the now-chilled air into your space. Instead, you’ll probably need to choose an evaporative forced air system fan, now and then called a swamp cooler, which utilizes a water tank and dampness splashed cushions to cool the room. In this writing, we will come across some of the portable air conditioners under 200 dollars.

1. Evapolareva CHILL Personal Evaporative Air Cooler and Humidifier Portable Air Conditioner: 

Evapolar is one of the small portable air conditioners which can be an incredible alternative to chill off the quick zone while you are in working mode or sleeping. You can easily use it while traveling or go for any camping or even in the library where you spend most of the time studying on the off chance that the room temperature is excessively hot or dry, utilizing a versatile evaporative air cooler like the EvapolarevaCHILL may precisely what is required. The EvapolarevaCHILL is a lightweight, simple-to-use individual evaporative air cooler with four fan speeds. It connects utilizing the gave USB-C cord, advantageously interfacing with a PC, work area, or force gracefully.

Use it as a typical fan or add water to make a personal humidifier, forced air system, an air purifier in one little gadget. The EvapolarevaCHILL personal evaporative air cooler intends to look smooth and alluring on a work area or bedside table. It has a square body with adjusted corners and dark air vents on the front. Air admission vents are on the back and are a similar shading as the remainder of the body. There are iced water store tanks on either side of the versatile climate control system, making it simple to perceive how much water is left consistently.

portable air conditioner

The top center compartment houses the channel and water pipe. The spread virtually flies off when required. The handle is likewise situated on the top, push the piece back and pull up for simple conveying. The water store fill is on the back right under the handle. This cooler has only one catch control on the top front. Press the catch until the ideal fan speed out of four choices reaches. To utilize it as an ordinary fan, turn it on. For the humidifier, water requires.

The EvapolarevaCHILL has negligible parts and adornments. Everything is remembered for the crate to have the option to utilize immediately. It’s super light, and convenient individual forced air system that can use anyplace you have a USB power flexibly. The capacity to clean and saturate the air, alongside the cooling features and absence of natural effect, makes it a decent product for the correct customer.


  • This personal cooler act as a humidifier and swamp cooler
  • The overall weight of this small portable air conditioner is two pounds without water in it
  • This cooler creates only 45 dB noises which are just like whispering. When the speed increases like volume three or four, then the noise will be louder.
  • This cooler has minimum parts and accessories.
  • The water reservoir can grip 800 ml of water at a time and can cool down the area for three to eight hours continuously


  • Freon-free fluids: This evaporative cooling implies no unsafe fluids like freon are utilized, making it safe to use around pets, youngsters, and the old.
  • Inorganic nano-filaments cartridges: The mineral compound used to make the Eva Breeze cartridges are inorganic so won’t harbor and feed microbes or form.
  • Cushions are biodegradable: The cushions that make up the replaceable channels are biodegradable.
  • Less Power utilization: The evaCHILL expends just 7.5 watts of intensity when being used.
  • Air Purifier: Not just does this gadget add dampness to the prompt region, it additionally cleans the air. The channels trap residue and particles, improving the air quality that it puts out.
  • Reduce the carbon impression: This humidifier decreases carbon utilization from the air. So fill in as an eco-friendly cooler.


  • A little maintenance is needed when changing the filter cartridge
  • This cooler takes around ten minutes to act as a full cooler when water installs in it
  • This cooler can cool down a minimal area, not a whole room. It can cool down around approximately 45 square feet

2. BLACK+DECKER BEAC75 evaporative air cooler:

BLACK+DECKER BEAC75 evaporative air cooler cools down and humidifies your indoor air in an alleviating way. You don’t need to stress over managing dry air and the awkward impacts it has on your body, especially on your skin, nasal air movement, and throat. This evaporative air cooler lets you pick between three diverse fan speeds which are Low, Medium, High to meet your indoor cooling needs. It additionally includes four working modes. The typical method gives a consistent progression of cold air, whereas natural and routinely pushes way through lower, medium, and higher fan speeds.

In rest mode fan naturally ventures down to a lower rate following thirty minutes of utilization. In the smart mode of this best cheap portable air conditioner, the air cooler consequently modifies the fan speed contingent upon your room temperature. This cooler uses plastic as a material to make it a more grounded and more brilliant look. This portable air conditioner under $200 has a cooling cushion that can flush with running water and air-dried yet it suggests that you supplant the cooling pillow roughly at regular intervals relying upon the use and mineral substance of the water.


  • The overall weight of this small portable air conditioner is only 17.6 pounds
  • This portable cooler has been made of high-quality plastics
  • This cooler has a cellulose pad included in it.
  • This portable cooler can run its functions only using 90 Watts power.
  • This cooler contains a programmable timer for setting your preferable time.
  • This black and white combination cooler has a tank and can hold 2 gallons of water at a time.
  • Users have to fill water manually, but this cooler has an automatic water shut-off system for more comfortable usage.


  • Creating Moist Environment: This portable cooler can relax on a blistering summer day. This evaporative air cooler smothers chilly, clean, and outside air, making a humid and cold condition in your living space.
  • Consume less energy: Traditional forced air systems can dispense high energy costs. This evaporative cooling fan cools your space even without blowers that devour greater power.
  • Movable: This cooler is fit on two well movable wheels. So you can quickly move the cooler from one place to another without any hassle.
  • Reduce dryness of room: Dry air home can prompt awkward side effects, for example, irritated eyes, dried-out lips, or dry skin. Utilizing this evaporative cooler can help decrease indoor dryness.
  • Easy Maintenance and utilization: The air cooler’s control board is put on the head of the unit. You may likewise get to the air cooler’s highlights through the included controller – so there’s no compelling reason to continue escaping your comfortable seat or bed to change the cooler’s settings.
  • Easy Cleaning Process: The cooling cushion is effortlessly taken out and cleaned. Wash off any rubbish and brush delicately to clean up any residue buildup.
  • No Assembly: This cooler well assembled. No assembly is required.


  • Unable to cool down a whole room. Specifically cools down a smaller portion of the room
  • Some users complain about its durability. As it is plastic-made, some users have found it as a less durable cooler.

3.Briza Cool – Air Cooler, Cooling Evaporative Air Cooler: 

The Brizasmall portable air conditioner utilizes dissipated water to bring down the encompassing temperature of the room at a small amount of the expense of a forced-air system. Customary climate control system units will dry and reuse your air while Briza includes mugginess, keeping dampness in the room. This personal cooler performs best in dry atmospheres. The Briza utilizes water and cooling cushions to push the water through a filtration framework. This cycle cools the surrounding temperature of your own space instead of a fan which makes the air around and all with less force utilization than a standard Air Conditioning unit.

It is ideal for lofts with open idea arranging, and the swaying features accessible on both the board and the convenient far off keep the cold air streaming into all the sides of your living region—ideal for individual rooms and spaces, particularly for visitors coming to remain. Briza units are additionally unfathomably tranquil, don’t occupy much room, and are eco well-disposed and wellbeing cognizant for your little one’s gratitude to the compound freecycle that the Briza embraces. Briza isn’t as prohibitive as a cooling unit, it is versatile and is much calmer too, bringing about not so many interruptions but rather more profitability.


  • The overall weight of this small portable air conditioner is only 13.2 kg
  • This cooler contains a water tank.
  • The water tank can hold 8 liters of water at a time.
  • The water tank can use its water from eight to twelve hours simultaneously.
  • This cooler can grab only 12m2 space of a room.
  • This cooler should be cleaned every two months using water and vinegar for avoiding dust.


  • Noise Free: This cooler is the right choice for a noise-free cooler. It creates noises less than 55db.
  • Less Power Consumption: This excellent portable cooler consumes only 80w power for operation.
  • Higher Air Volume: This more relaxed air volume is 700m3 per hour.
  • Remote Control Facility: Birza cooler has a remote control, so users can easily control it from the bed or any private place.
  • Lower the Temperature: This portable personal air cooler uses vaporization to inferior the surrounding high temperature.
  • No Ventilation Required: This more relaxed uses a plug system, so no ventilation hose is required for it.


  • This cooler works best only in dry weather.
  • Some users get the cleaning process a bit clumsy as this cooler needs cleaning very frequently and vinegar is required to make this cooler germ-free. So to some users, it seems extra work.

4. Black + Decker BPACT08WT Portable Air Conditioner:

Black + Decker small portable air conditioner that doesn’t cost significantly more, however, this may be an acceptable answer for cooling a little room in more calm atmospheres on the off chance that you need an entirely portable air conditioner under $200 and need a unit that doesn’t utilize a considerable amount of energy. It records for somewhat more than that, however, can, for the most part, be found for less at standard retailers. This floor-standing compact climate control system unit gives consistent, quick, compelling cooling for rooms up to 150 sq. ft. It’s the ideal little air system for residences, condos, lodges, campers, workplaces, spaces, or parlors.

Wheel this small portable air conditioner system into any life with a twofold hung or sliding window. Append the included hose and window connector, and attach it to an outlet. Toward the finish of the period, unfasten and store. This unit isn’t good enough to convey, with handles that are appropriately agreeable to snatch. There is good shaping to make them generally ergonomic; however, we wish they were only a smidgen greater. The BLACK+DECKER is one of the nimbler items, tipping the scales at 51.3 lbs.


  • This air conditioner has an LED display with a control panel.
  • This air conditioner has some installation kits such as hose, adapters, and many more
  • This cooler has a warranty of one year for parts and five years for the compressor.
  • This small portable air conditioner has three fan levels.
  • This cooler has a timer system for 24 hours to save money.


  • Auto control facility: At night, this cooler controls temperature automatically in a sleep mode.
  • Remote Control: This cooler has a remote control system. So you can control the temperature from the bed or sofa.
  • Reduce humidity: This cooler can reduce the humidity of air in your room
  • Reusable air filter: This cooler has reusable air filters to make its cleaning process more manageable.
  • Prevent bacteria: The air from this cooler can prevent the growth of bacteria and reduces molds from your room air.
  • Consume less energy: This cooler consumes low power comparatively than others. It consumes only 950 WATTS.


  • Some users have found this cooler as a noisy one.
  • This cooler needs some adjustments before running, which sometimes discomforts its users.

5. MIDEA MAW05M1BWT Window air conditioner: 

The MIDEA MAW05M1BWT Window Air Conditioner is the best cheap portable air conditioner that weighs around 43 pounds. It isn’t huge, nor is it that weighty, yet it offers an incredible engine that creates 5,000 BTUs of cooling power. From that 5,000 BTUs of cooling power, you can utilize this window climate control system to cool a space that is around 150 square-feet. Because of that maximum area coverage, this is the ideal forced air system for an office, family room, or room. MIDEA has incorporated everything of the devices that you’ll require to introduce this window air cooler and utilizing these apparatuses, and you’ll have the option to put the window forced-air system to your window and to connect it. That way, it can start cooling your space.

While this window air conditioner is running, you approach a few unique settings and highlights. Every last one of these settings and highlights situates on the facade of the window forced air system, and they’re available utilizing two dials. What is decent about this window climate control system is that it has a fan incorporated with it. This fan functions admirably at pushing the cold air that is emerging from the window forced air system all through your space. In any case, alongside that, it’s additionally fit for taking the warm air that is in your area and pushing it out, so your space isn’t excessively generous. This window climate control system offers a launderable channel. This channel keeps your space overall quite perfect. At the point when you have to clean the track, you can essentially assume it out and position it under the fixture.


  • This air cooler has two fans in it.
  • This window cooler has seven temperature setting options.
  • This cooler possesses installation accessories
  • This cooler can fit into thirteen inches’ window dimension
  • The overall weight of this cooler is 40.3 pounds


  • Washable filters: The cooler has reusable and launderable antibacterial work channels which decrease microorganisms, the room smells and other air-originated particles for a more beneficial and more agreeable condition.
  • Elegant design: This cooler is ideal for little rooms or spaces, giving cooling solace during those blistering summer days
  • Convenient: This portable air conditioner under $200 has mechanical Control and incorporates a clock that you can set to your ideal cooling time-frame and approach your day.
  • Easier Control: The Midea window air system highlights four distinct settings, two diverse fan velocities, and two cooling modes, including a rest mode.
  • Comfortable: The working commotion of this minimized window-mounted AC unit won’t upset your rest, work, or different exercises


  • This cooler can cool up to 150 square feet in a small room.
  • This small portable air conditioner is best fitted only in the window. So you will be unable to use it in any other place in your room. This is one of the common obstacles of this portable air conditioner.

Much like any cooling framework, every portable air conditioner requires to vent in some structure or design. A portable air conditioner pulls the air from outside and ventilates the inner atmosphere of the room. As a result, a small portable air cooler can efficiently cool down a small room. Portable air conditioners regularly take more BTUs — and in this manner utilize greater power — to cool a similar square foot space as a window unit. This situation is likely because they produce squander heat inside rather than outside, making more by and considerable warmth for the team to manage. A cheap portable air conditioner under $200 can keep you cool on hot summer days as well as save your pocket.

In any case, you’ll have to purchase a climate control system that will function admirably with the room refers. Its capacity rating should coordinate the room’s size. Purchasing one of the best cheap portable air conditioners may take care of the issue of warming issues of the room more proficiently. Ideally, you found the best modest versatile AC unit for your necessities on this rundown and will appreciate the cold air it conveys for quite a long time to come. As you learned, you don’t need to spend much cash on a tight-budget air conditioner system to get help from the warmth.

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