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ColorStorm Spinning Sprinkler from Dramm has a unique spray pattern covering an area of about 38-feet in diameter. This sprinkler is well suited for a good system. It makes use of less water yet, does a thorough watering of your lawn. The sprinkler head is produced so that it atomizes water and turns it into droplets to water your lawn comprehensively. It can work with a low water pressure of 20 PSI and high water pressure of 80 PSI.


This sprinkler is ranked as one of the best sprinklers in the market. The sprinkler comes with a heavy-duty fixed base that stabilizes the sprinkler. It also has a molded hook that ensures easy storage. The sprinkler comes in six different colors – red, yellow, orange, green, berry, and blue. This is a very durable sprinkler that is bound to last for a long time because it is made of aluminum and zinc materials.


  1. It has a unique and lovely spray pattern that will water your lawn satisfactorily.
  2. Its coverage area is close to 38 feet in diameter.
  3. It works well with low or high water pressure.

sprinkler for garden

Why choose ColorStorm Sprinkler?

  1. Lovely water droplets – This sprinkler creates nice water droplets that thoroughly water all areas of your lawn. This watering style helps to stimulate the health of the grass and also improves the growth of plants.
  2. Solid metal construction – This sprinkler is made of durable materials. It is made of zinc and aluminum. These are very significant metals that are sure to give this sprinkler durability and longevity.
  3. Low water pressure – The sprinkler is compatible with low water pressure that is as low as 20 PSI. Water pressure won’t be an issue with this sprinkler. The sprinkler can work well with shallow wells or with water pumps. With low water pressure, thorough watering is 100% guaranteed.
  4. Great design – This sprinkler is designed to make the spinning mechanism last for a long time. Its spinning head is well supported by a brass pin right on the ball bearing and surrounded by brass bushing.
  5. Ease of use – The sprinkler is effortless to set up, whether you are connecting it to a good system or a water pump. Setting it up won’t take you more than 5 minutes. Ease of use should be an essential factor when purchasing a sprinkler. The sprinkler is super easy to set up.

Spinning sprinkler Precise watering

– This sprinkler waters your lawn and garden with precision. It is capable of watering a small lawn thoroughly. This will make your lawn look lush green all seasons.

  1. Durability – This sprinkler speaks of durability and longevity. It is made of top-notch materials. If you want a sprinkler that would stand the test of time, look no further; the ColorStorm sprinkler is your best bet.
  2. Competitive price – This sprinkler comes with a price that won’t put a hole in your pocket. It is highly affordable compared to other sprinklers in its category.

It is great for small lawns and gardens. This is well suited for gardeners and lawn owners who want a perfect watering of their yards and gardens. It makes for a great mist. This is a sprinkler that works nicely on low or high water pressure. According to the data published on because use of these drugs is rarely a matter of urgency, their use during the first trimester should almost always be avoided. The possibility that a woman of childbearing potential may be pregnant at the time of institution of therapy should be considered. Its price is very pocket-friendly. This ColorStorm sprinkler is bound to save you water. This is a sprinkler with an impressive performance. The even and thorough watering of your lawn will mark the end of brown spots. Go for it for lush green lawns and gardens.

Jon MorrTech Blogger at - Gadgets Review

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