Do Brand New Lawn mower Blades Need to be Sharpened?

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Lawnmower uses revolving blades that function by cutting the grass and making the grass surface appear even. You could also use a walk-behind mower machine that needs a worker to walk behind the machine and provide accurate directions. The fresh-cut grass smells wonderful. But, the joy of cutting grass with a lawnmower turns into an annoying job when you have a dull lawnmower blade.

To ensure that the lawnmower blade will cut the grass surface efficiently, you need to invest your time and efforts in the maintenance of the revolving blades. The machine comes equipped with blades that are responsible for shaping the grass. But the question is ‘do you need to sharpen the brand new lawnmower blade’? How often does the blade need to be sharpened? And, when should you consider replacing these blades?

Let’s find out the answers. Do Brand New Lawn mower Blades Need to be Sharpened?

How to Know If Your Lawnmower Blades Need Sharpening?

How faster you need to sharpen the blades depend on the number of hours and days you use the machine. For example, if you use the lawnmower for 30 minutes on a regular basis, you will need to sharpen the tool every after 40-50 sessions. In simple terms, the more you use the blades, the faster it needs to be sharpened. However, you must look out for certain indicators that suggest your mower blades need sharpening. For instance, you should keep an eye on the grass when using the lawnmower blades. It should give a clean cut.

sharpen new mower blades

Make sure that you test the lawnmower blades for scratches, dents, and other major physical issues. Once you have used the blades quite a few times, you will notice some hairline nicks forming over the blade’s surface. Minor dents and cuts can be fixed with sharpening. However, if there is a bigger scratch that has also bent the blade either up or down, you will have to replace it with a brand-new lawnmower blade.

Do You Need to Sharpen a New Lawnmower Blade?

Now that you have purchased a fresh and brand-new lawnmower blade, you might be wondering if the new blade needs to be sharpened. Fortunately, the answer is no. A brand-new blade already comes sharpened. So, there is no need to sharpen it again. Rarely, brand-new lawnmower blades feature a coat of paint. If that is the case, you may want to sharpen the paint off so that the blade works efficiently on the grass surface. Usually, some manufacturers apply a thin layer of paint to the blade. The paint doesn’t last. It wears off after the first few mowing sessions.

Usually, sharpening a new lawnmower blade is not necessary. Even if your blades come with a thin layer of paint, you can use it without sharpening the paint off. However, if you are super concerned, you can try your fresh blade on a small area of your lawn. Try to mow the corner section of the garden and check the grass blades after that. If you notice a proper cut, then your mower blades are doing a fine job. You don’t have to waste your time sharpening them.

Why is it Necessary to Sharpen the Mower Grass Blades?

The homeowner often thinks that lawnmower blades will work fine even if they are a bit dull. Sure, dull blades will cut the grass. However, such blades rip through grass and result in jagged tips. These torn tips make your grass vulnerable to pests and diseases. The grass is also likely to turn brown or yellow if it is cut with a dull blade.

On the other hand, a sharp mower blade gives a clean and healthier cut. It trims the grass quite neatly. Lawnmower blades need sharpening once in a while. Most homeowners sharpen the mower blades before the beginning of the mowing season every year. But if you mow the lawn nearly every day for hours, your lawnmower blades will need sharpening twice a year. Similarly, it is hard for the lawnmower machine to mow a rocky and large lawn. The machine is likely to bump into rocks and objects that can harm the mower blades and make them dull.

Homeowners need to check the blades after every session and ensure that there is no major scratch or nick on them. Should you notice any unusual dullness, get the blade sharpened straight away. The more you delay the blade’s sharpening, the higher the chances you will need blade replacement.


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