Ficus Lyrata Costa Farms Premium Live Indoor Tree

Ficus Lyrata Costa Farms Premium Live Indoor Tree

Ficus Lyrata, also known as the “fiddle-leaf fig” is a flowering houseplant. It makes a bold statement in your home and office. The plant is native to West Africa. It is a plant with very glossy green leaves that really brings nature very close to you. The New York Times adjudged the plant as the trendiest. Many say it is a tricky plant to take care of, but, this is a fallacy. It looks splendid at home or office. It adds aesthetics to any space that it adorns. It is a tough houseplant because of its water retention ability.

Health Benefits

Ficus has some health benefits that are not known to many people. The leaves serve as an air purifier. It helps to eliminate dust and controls humidity.

It prevents health problems like sore throats, coughs and cold. These are very important benefits you cannot overlook.


It is a toxic plant. If eaten by pests like cats and dogs could lead to stomach upsets and may eventually lead to their death. It is not pleasant for human consumption too.

Ficus Lyrata Re-potting

Ficus needs to be re-potted at least once a year. Use a larger pot when you are re-potting the plant so as to accommodate its growth.

It requires enough room for its roots to expand. That is why a larger pot is so important.


Lyrata needs watering every week, especially during its growing period. Watering must be reduced when it is winter period. Never drop the plant in large water. Always drain it of too much water.


Ficus needs bright light to grow well. It does not need dim light. It needs exposure to the early morning sun. Return it to shade in the afternoon. No need for direct sunlight that could burn its leaves. The plant helps to eliminate Volatile Organic Compound (VOCs).


Ficus does not need strong fertilizer. Feed it with liquid fertilizer in order to make it grow properly and flourish during its growing season.

Do the following when the plant is turning brown

Ficus may occasionally show up some brown spots on its leaves or foliage. This is not unusual. Consistent browning and dropping of leaves may happen due to irregular air flow. It could happen due to the lack of humidity in the environment where it is placed. It is important to take note of this too. It is also advised to use a humidifier or misting close to the plant. This will help give the plant the humidity it badly needs to survive. At least, once a month, water the plant in order to flush out toxins, salt, and other impurities so as to give the soil a breath of fresh air.

Ficus is a plant that is very sensitive to chemicals. The chemicals may come from the tap water that is usually used to water the plant.

Dust and care for leaves

Ficus lyrata has a big leave surface that accumulates dust a lot. Dust is very dangerous to the plant because it blocks the absorption of light. Wipe off the dust with a clean soft cloth and that is it.


Lyrata needs pruning at least once a year. You would need pruning shears, disinfecting household cleaner, and a clean cloth. Follow these steps to prune the plant

  1. Remove all the dead leaves around the plant
  2. Disinfect the pruning shears before using it because it may have been infected by bacteria
  3. Prune out the dead parts of the plant so that it can be left with healthy parts
  4. Prune out leaves that obstruct others.

Here you will find out how to take care of your loved ficus lyrata.


Ficus lyrata
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