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Frame SmartTV is the latest addition to intelligent tv technology. Every technology changing day by day tv is not out of them. It’s time to use the TV differently. It is introducing The Frame, a TV that elegantly enables you to make any space more welcoming, more entertaining, and more inspiring. Before, we were using it for entertainment. Frame TV you can use as wall art & amazing 4K tv also. Especially in modern days, it’s developing in more than other technology. Once, black & white tv technology was rarely. Nowadays, if someone will see it, it’s as fun, like someone looking in the museum. It took location at the museum. Who knows, in a few years, 4k TVs, 1080Hd, 720Hd can also go to the museum. Every Year all the company wants to introduce something new. They are explaining it new addition sometimes new technology.

Frame TV is one of the new technology. It’s the brilliant 4k UHD TV with HDR that will work as beautiful wall art on your wall with an array of paintings, prints, photos, and sweet model & style. Frame TV will go beyond entertainment & expression of you. The TV has a curated professional gallery of art with a hundred pieces from ten different genres. In the frame, you can upload your beautiful & memorable moments. You can buy individual pieces to rich your gallery library. You can also be combined your artwork with a combination of matte layout & colors. Just step up into the online store & explore the fantastic works of international artists.


Smart TV is customizable flexibility to fit any home decor. You can change the bezel ideally. That’s why many interior decor companies suggest this TV for increasing the beauty of your house. The Frame neatly integrates with your decor. The Tv is efficiently fixing with the wall without any gap & it is straightforward to tight & set. The undetectable TV cable is leaving space beautifully uncluttered. It has a light sensor that detects ambient light to adjust the color & brightness setting with the day’s night timing.

Frame SmartTV- wall art

Picture Quality: The 4K HDR pro will give you the superior range of brilliant colors best contrast over full HD.

Remote: With this TV remote, you can control by one remote all your connected devices. With Smart Hub, you can find that content faster.

Motion sensor: This TV has a motion sensor that will help you in many ways. We usually sometimes forget to turn off the TV. It,s sensor will save you from this problem. The frame automatically will save power mode off when you will leave the room.

Specification :

Size: 55” 65’’

Frame Size : 57.2 x 32.7 x 1.7 | 48.6 x 27.8 x 1.7

PICTURE QUALITY: 4K UHD, 4K HDR Pro, 4K Color Drive Extreme

SMART 2017 Samsung Smart Hub, Smart View, One Remote Control

SOUND: 40W/2.2CH

NEW FEATURES: Art Mode, Samsung Collection, Brightness Sensor, Motion Sensor

FRAME COLOR: Charcoal Black


1.One Connect Box with Invisible Connection (16 ft)

STAND: Basic Stand

WALL-MOUNT: No Gap Wall-Mount

CUSTOMIZABLE FRAMES: Walnut, Beige wood, White

INVISIBLE CONNECTION KIT: Invisible Connection (49 ft)

Jon MorrTech Blogger at - Gadgets Review

Tech Blogger

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