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Gear Drive Sprinkler from the stables of Dramm is a Color Storm 4-pattern sprinkler that is well suited for small, medium, and large-sized lawns or gardens. It is effortless to select the pattern that suits you when you want to water your lawn. Just twist the selector dial to choose either flat, fan, mini or large. It is as easy as that. It has an adjustment circle of coverage that is up to 360 degrees. It also has a maximum spray of up to 40 feet in diameter. This sprinkler can easily be mounted on a die-cast metal sled. This is a splendid gear sprinkler that is so mobile. It also has unparalleled flexibility for a diversity of watering applications. It comes with a pass-through base that makes it easy for you to connect more sprinklers to it to cover larger areas.


This is a sprinkler made to save you water because any watering pattern you choose will effectively and efficiently water your lawn by thoroughly using less water than watering your yard with your hose, which is very stressful and time-consuming. It is made of high-quality, heavy-duty materials that will surely stand the test of time. This sprinkler is available in six adorable colors – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and berry.

Gear Sprinkler Features

  1. All lawn sizes – This sprinkler is ideal for small, medium, and large-sized areas.
  2. Four selectors – The sprinkler comes with the options of four selectors. You can choose between fan, mini, flat, and large. Any of these choices will work according to the selection you have made.
  3. Pass-through feature – It comes with a pass-through feature that allows you to add extra sprinklers to it to cover more expansive areas on your lawn.
  4. Durable – This sprinkler speaks durability because it is made of a high-quality plastic material that will make it last for a long time.
  5. No debris – It is a sprinkler that is made debris-free. As such, waste cannot enter into it to clog up the waterline.

Why go this Drive Sprinkler?

  1. Ease of use – This sprinkler is effortless to use because the setup is straightforward and not complicated. You can set it up in less than five minutes. Ease of use should be one of the top reasons for purchasing a sprinkler.
  2. Water pressure – This is a sprinkler that can satisfactorily water your lawn whether there is low or high water pressure. The force has nothing to do with it. It can work perfectly if your water pressure is between 30 to 90 PSI.
  3. Adjustable coverage – It is effortless to adjust the range of the watering. Just move the arc adjustment tab and choose the perfect arc that suits your need.
  4. Pass-through base – The sprinkler has a pass-through floor that makes it possible for you to add extra sprinklers to cover a wider area of your lawn.
  5. Heavy-duty sled style base – The sprinkler comes with a heavy-duty sled style base for strength and mobility. The sled makes it easy for you to pull through the grass by tipping.
  6. Four different patterns – You can select from four different spray patterns. If you want to water a smaller area, the pattern is there. If you’re going to drown a larger size, the design is there. You can choose – fan, mini, flat or large—the choice of yours.

This is the perfect sprinkler for any size of the lawn. If you want effective and efficient lawn watering, this is your best choice.

Jon MorrTech Blogger at - Gadgets Review

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