Greenworks Dethatcher 272022 14″ Corded 10 Amp

greenworks dethatcher

Greenworks Dethatcher 272022 14″ Corded 10 Amp

Greenworks Dethatcher 272022 is a 10 Amp, 14-inch Cordless Dethatcher that helps to keep the lawn healthy all season. Some mowers concentration is to cut the grass but does not do dethatching. So, that brings us to what thatch is. Thatch is the debris like leaves and roots that accumulate over time between the growing grass and the soil. Though, thatch is an organic matter. Some of it is good for the plant. When it becomes too much, it becomes a hindrance to the growth of your plant.

Too much thatch reduce moistures, encourages moss, draws insects and harbor diseased organisms. This thatch snuffs the life out of your lawn. This is where the Greenworks Dethatcher 272022 comes in. For an instance, you can cut a small portion of the grass and see how accumulated thatch straddles around the grass. Thatch also causes brown spots on the lawn. Dethatching helps to make your lawn to look healthy all the time. It makes sense to embark on dethatching at least once a year. Dethatching helps buds to grow at the bottom of the grass stems which in turn helps to give the grass a breath of fresh air.


  1. It comes with stainless steel tines that remain very sharp for a long time. Tines made of stainless steel do not get blunt very easily. This is why the use of stainless steel of commendable.
  2. It has a 3-position tine depth adjustment for the purpose of removing matted layers in order to ensure a healthy lawn growth.
  3. It has an integrated cord lock that helps to ensure the cord does not disconnect from where it is attached
  4. It comes with a padded grip for your convenience
  5. It is powered by a strong 10-Amp motor.
  6. It has a 14-inch dethatching path that gets the job done faster and effortlessly.


Greenworks 272022 is an easy to use garden care tool that works effectively and efficiently to get rid of very stubborn thatch by uprooting the completely from the surface so that you can use a rake to push it aside and far from the lawn. This machine comes with some vertical tines that work superbly to remove thatch from the top layer of the soil. This tool does not bag your cut grass. So, you have to do that by yourself. I don’t think that is such a big deal.

Special Features

Greenworks 272022 has a 10-Amp motor that is very impressive, especially if you are working in a small yard. The 3-position tine-depth adjustment is versatile as far as dethatching is concerned. It can be transported easily due to its portability. The wheels maneuver tough areas effortlessly when working on any lawns. It rolls nicely even on rough surfaces.

Cut Quality and Options

Greenworks Dethatcher 272022 cut s your lawn with an exceptional 10-Amp motor, a 14-inch dethatching path, and adjustable tines. These tines are made of stainless steel, which makes it very durable. The tines have a different depth adjustments position from 1, 3, 10, etc, in order to give the lawn a perfect cut.


Greenworks 272022 needs minimal maintenance compared to what you spend on a fully-mechanized mower. Don’t clean the Dethatcher while the tap is running and use sharp objects to clean it up. Whenever you are adjusting the Dethatcher cylinder, ensure that you unplug the unit and wait for sometime for the cylinder to grind to a halt. Wear protective gear like a pair of gloves before you unplug it. Store the machine in a cool dry place far away from the reach of children.


Greenworks 272022 is a play and go machine that does a wonderful job. This is what you have been looking for. Why not go for it now?



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