Cheap Gaming Laptop Build: Is This Worth It?

PC gamers always look for the PC with the best gaming experience. It needs some high-end features for a gaming PC while it is a desktop or a laptop. We are quite introduced to gaming desktop PCs. But how to build a laptop gaming? 

Building a gaming laptop is more complicated. So, most people buy pre-manufactured gaming laptops for portability. To build a gaming laptop, you have to buy a barebone laptop and install some high-quality parts like CPU, RAM, GPU or graphics card, SSD, etc. 

In this article, I’ll talk about the procedures of building a gaming laptop. I’ll also mention the problems you may face and help you to choose the right decision.

Selecting a laptop for customizing

Building a gaming laptop is not as simple as building a gaming PC. As you need to put a lot of parts in the chassis, this may be a complex task. So, most laptop gamers prefer prebuilt gaming laptops. However, customizing a laptop is possible. 

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First, let’s talk about what you need in a gaming laptop. 

  • CPU

The CPU is the main component of any computer. Not only gaming, CPU controls all types of work on a computer. So, it needs to focus on this part. The working speed depends on this. 

  • GPU

The GPU processes graphics. This will make the graphics rendering faster. Though it is built in the motherboard, you will need extra                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  GPU in a graphics card for gaming. The RAM is also a necessary thing to consider. I’ll discuss this later.

  • Graphics

The graphics are related to the GPU. A good graphics card will give a clear vision of the scenes and prevent lagging. For gaming, this is a mandatory part. 

  • Connectivity

You may need to connect the laptop with an external GPU or external drive. So, a Thunderbolt™ 3 port is necessary to maintain this connectivity. 

  • Display

Display is the output of your laptop quality. The power and ability are reflected on the display. However, the size of the screen matters. And the resolution is an important point to consider. 

How to build a gaming on your own

Building a laptop for gaming is not a wise decision. You will need a lot of parts which will cost you more than a ready-made one. But many of you have a hobby of building technological stuff all by yourself. So, here’s a guideline for you. 

First, buy a barebone laptop. I emphasize a barebones laptop because of the advantage of customizing things easily. Barebones laptops have the basic components of a laptop. You need to just change the necessary parts. 

Now come to the parts you need to customize. 

  • CPU

As I said before, the CPU or central processing unit is the chief controller of your laptop. Both AMD and Intel are hugely used as processors. Whatever you choose, CPU cores and frequency are important for the performance. 

AMD Ryzen processors are hugely popular among games. But the latest Intel models are also very fast. Core i7 10th generation has come with a lot of flawless performance. 

Always choose the high frequency. The more frequency, the fewer chances to face lagging. Choose at least 144 Hz. It will be better than the 60 Hz one. 

  • GPU and graphics card

GPU or graphics card, whatever you say, should have at least 4GB of video memory. You can raise this quality a bit if you like. But make sure that the graphics are supported on your display. 

If your display is perfect for any type of graphics, you can upgrade it as much as you can. 

You can buy an external GPU for having a good quality of graphics in your laptop. They are good for your laptop if it has a port for a Thunderbolt 3 connection. And obviously, this is pricey. But to get the best performance, this setup is worth it. And you can upgrade it too.

  • Storage

Storage capacity is another important factor. It is already known to all that SSD is better than HDD. So, always consider installing an SSD in your laptop. In general, we say that 128 GB is enough. But that is for regular purposes. For gaming, you need at least 512 GB. You can use up to 1 TB for better performance. 

  • RAM 

RAM stores the data while working. For gaming, you need at least 8 GB RAM, they say. But for better performance, install 16 GB RAM. However, you don’t need more than this, you say, while it is 24 GB or 32 GB. This is just overkill. Don’t waste your money on that. 

  • Battery 

Battery life is very important for gaming although we don’t notice this well. And many others don’t like to play games on laptop batteries. In their opinion, they don’t get the performance well. Yet I keep this in consideration as playing for a long time keeping the laptop plugged in is also bad. 

Because of the high quality of the parts, gaming laptop batteries die fast. They may claim 7 to 10 hours of battery life. If you get 4 hours of performance after using this for quite a long, that is okay. A 90 Wh battery is good for this. 

There are some other things involved in building a gaming laptop. But you can choose them from your personal choice. The things I have mentioned are the most important factors. If you maintain these, you will enjoy a great gaming performance with your laptop. 

Is building a gaming laptop worth it?

After giving step-by-step procedures to build a gaming laptop, this question may seem funny or irrelevant. But this is the most important thing you need to know. 

Most PC gamers have the dream of building their PCs according to their choice. They set up those with RGB lights and other fancy things. But building a laptop is not such a thing. It’s a lot different and even more difficult. 

This will need a lot of parts and of course, they are not easily available like PC parts. Putting them together in a chassis is a lot harder. And think about the cooling system. After setting so many high-end parts, it will easily be too hot and you have to build a system to cool down. 

For this reason, almost all people prefer building a gaming PC or buying a prebuilt gaming laptop. Gaming laptops are pretty expensive. But building a gaming laptop is more expensive. 

Some problems in building a gaming laptop

When you want to play PC games, most people will suggest building a gaming PC. If you need the advantage of portability, you can buy a gaming laptop. But those who understand these things will advise against building a gaming laptop. 

Though I’ve already talked about some problems, I’m sorting them in a list. 

  • More expensive

As building a gaming laptop is rare, the required parts and necessary arrangements are out of control most probably. That makes the task more expensive. 

  • Parts are not easily available

Unlike gaming PCs, the parts of the laptop are not too large. You will have to fit all of these in a thin space. So, they are not available everywhere. 

  • Inability to upgrade

In gaming PCs, you can change the old parts according to your choice. They have a good resale value too. But in gaming laptops, you should try your best to avoid such a process. Whatever you select, select it forever. 

  • Performance is not satisfactory

After spending a lot of money, you won’t get the performance that you can easily get from a desktop PC. And the troubles are more than that of a prebuilt gaming laptop. 

  • The whole process is hard

This is obvious. I’m repeating this. Putting all the stuff together is hard on a laptop. 

So, these are some of the problems that arise in building a gaming laptop. 

Final words

So, finally, we’re here. I’ve tried to discuss how to build a laptop gaming. In this article, you have known about the requirements, procedures, and utility of building a gaming laptop. 

If you are not too desperate to build one yourself and want to get the best gaming experience, I would advise you to build a gaming desktop PC or buy a gaming laptop. That will be a wise decision. 

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