How to Burn CD in Laptop: in Windows and Mac

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Optical drives are not used very often nowadays. Yet CDs are a great type of drive for transferring files. For burning files to CD, most laptops have built-in burners. 

For burning files, Windows and Mac OS have different methods. But both of them allow burning files to CDs. If you don’t have one built-in, there are some CD burner software available. 

In this article, we will learn how to burn CD in laptop. We will use the built-in CD burner for burning files. Let’s start. 

Prerequisites for burning CD 

You can burn a CD or DVD on both Windows or Mac laptops. You will need to use different techniques to do this. But there are some requirements that a laptop must have to burn a CD. 

The first thing you’ll need is a CD burner. This enables you to copy your data or music files from your computer and make your CD. Usually, these types of software are pre-installed in computers.

If you don’t have a CD recorder drive, you can purchase one. It’s easy to install them. Besides, you can use an external USB drive also.

Secondly, you will need a blank CD to which you will burn the files. For CD, it’s enough to use CD-R (CD-Recordable). They will support any software. But these can be used once and you can’t erase the data. If you want to rewrite, use CD-RW (CD-Rewritable). They will enable you to rewrite the disc up to 1000 times. 

However, I didn’t mention operating systems in this regard. Both Windows and Mac OS have enough facilities to burn a CD. In Chrome OS, this is possible but comes with some limitations. I will discuss this later. 

How to burn a CD in Windows OS

In Windows-powered laptops, there are mainly two types of techniques for burning CDs according to the type of files. One type is for burning data files and another is for burning music files. There are further two different methods for each of them. However, let’s dive into them. 

For burning data files: 

First, put the files in a different folder that you are going to burn. This is not mandatory but makes the work easy. I will state two methods for burning data files. Let’s know about the easier one that is my personal favorite. 

  • Sorting the files in a folder

Put all the files in one folder to get the files easily. It will finish the work quickly. 

  • Inserting a blank CD 

Open the CD slot and enter the CD. The CD needs to be blank. If there is any file, erase the CD first. Like I said before, use CD-RW to get this facility. 

This step can be done automatically after you click on “Burn to disc” which I mentioned later. 

  • Opening file location from file explorer

Now go file explorer and find the folder where you put all the files.

  • Selecting the files or folders

Select the files. This can be easily done by clicking and dragging the mouse cursor over the files and then right-click. 

You can also click the files one by one holding the “Control” button on the keyboard. However, it is only a file, then just click on the filename and right-click. 

  • Clicking on the share button

After right-clicking, you will get the share button and click on it. 

  • Clicking “Burn to disc”

After clicking “Share”, you will get “Burn to disc” at the top. Click that. 

  • Clicking on “Burn” in the new tab

A new window will be opened and click “Burn” on this.

  • Close the tab after burning

The burning process will take time according to the file size. After completing the task, close the window. 

And your work is done. 

Now come to another method. Though I prefer the one mentioned above, I’m mentioning the other method. Maybe you will like that. 

  • Keeping the files in a folder

As before, keep the files you want to burn in a folder. 

  • Inserting a blank CD

Insert a blank CD for burning. Choose CD-RW for burning.

  • Right-click on the files and burn

If you right-click on the files, many options will be opened. From them, select “Send to” and then “DVD/CD-RW” or “DVD RW Drive”.

  • Locate the CD icon

At the bottom of the screen, a CD balloon icon will appear. Click on that icon to get a file list that is to be burned.

  • Click “Write these files to the CD”

After clicking this, you will be directed to burn files to your CD by CD Writing Wizard. 

Now your data files are burned to CD. 

For burning music files: 

You can burn 70-80 minutes of audio files on a CD. You can do it very easily with Windows Media Player. Let’s see the steps. 

  • Insert a blank CD

Like the previous methods, insert a blank CD. I recommend CD-RW. 

  • Open Windows Media Player

Click on the Windows logo on the corner and you will see Windows Media Player. Click to open it.

  • Click on “Library”

Then you will see a Library option. Click on it.

  • Select “All music”

After clicking, select “All music” from the categories.

  • Select the “Burn” option

In the top right corner, you will find a “Burn” option. Click on this.

  • Select the music files

Then select the music files and add them to the burn tab. 

  • Click on “Audio CD” from the options

Click the options icon and select “Audio CD” from this. 

  • Start burning and wait until finishing

Click on the “Start burn” option and this process needs a little time. Wait until the burning is finished. 

This is how you can burn music files by Windows Media Player. 

How to burn a CD in Mac OS

You can burn a data file or music file in Mac OS too. Here I’ll show the process of burning data files only. 

Before that let me inform you that Macs don’t have built-in CD slots. You have to buy and install the CD reader first. Let’s know about the process step by step. 

  • Click on Spotlight

You will see a search bar in the top right corner. Click on this.

  • Open Disk Utility and select burn

You will see an option named  Disk Utility, open this. Select burn from there.

  • Select the files

Open the file location and select files. 

  • Then click “Burn”

Click on “Burn”. Then a pop-up window will be opened and click “Burn” on that too.

  • Click OK and wait until finished

After some time, click OK. Then wait for the burning to be finished. 

Can you burn a CD on Chrome OS?

Chrome OS is different from Windows and Mac OS. Chrome is primarily online-based and made for cloud storage. However, you can take data files by an external drive. But it can’t write files and play music or video files from CDs. But ultimately chrome OS is not able to burn files to CD or DVD. 

Final thoughts

We often need to copy some files from our laptops. CD, DVD, pen drives are the external drives for this purpose. For CDs, you need to burn files. In this article, I’ve tried to cover how to burn CD in a laptop. 

Choose Windows or Mac OS for burning files. Hope this helps you.

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