How to choose Lawn mower for your garden?

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If you have a lawn in your house then you need a land mower to clean your lawn. Do You want a good lawn mower, but you are unable to decide which lawn mower will be best for your lawn? Then you will get some options in this article about the various types of lawn mower are available in the market. And which will suit your lawn the best?

The different types of land mowers are available according to the power, efficiency, size, performance, Etc. All these functions vary a lawnmower to the other.

The suitability varies from the size of your land, structure of the land, how long are the grasses, Etc. All these things need to keep in mind while purchasing a good lawnmower.

Ways to choose

There are various conditions you need to keep in mind while choosing a good lawn mower which is best suitable for you. So, let’s look for the answer to the questions How to choose a lawn mower?

  1. The size of your Lawn?

If your lawn is in the size of less than 2000 sq. ft. Then a manual lawn mower can be used in your lawn. If your lawn is in size up to 750sq ft. Then you can use a cordless mower as the area is not very big. While the gasoline mowers are needed when your lawn is more than the 15000sq ft in size. To cover the larger area also keep in mind about the size of the mower deck. If the size is large it will cover a larger area and vice versa.

  1. Kind of terrain

The next thing you need to consider is the kind of terrain of your lawn. If your lawn is hilly and it has a lot of curves in that case you can consider gasoline self-propelled mower. And if your lawn is flat in that case you can go for Push mower or electric mover.

  1. Noise

If you do not want to hear the noise comes from the lawnmower then you can use Electric and cordless mowers as it does not produce noise, Push mowers also does not create noise. But if you want noise-free as well as fast work then obviously go for Electric mowers.

  1. Size of grass

If you want to set a particular size of grass that needs to be cut down. In that case, choose an Adjustable lawnmower. It helps in adjusting the size of the mower up to the height of the grass.

  1. Electric power

It is another criterion for choosing a lawnmower. Lawnmowers are available for different power voltages. The lawnmowers are available in a 500-watt version and a 1300-watt version. The smaller power version provides less efficiency and takes more time than that of a larger power version.

  1. Budget

This is also a very specific factor. You can decide the type of Land mower according to your budget. The price of the land mower can vary from cheap to very expensive. If you want an in budget lawn mower then you should go for push mower or manual mower. It is the cheapest among all the others. And the very expensive lawnmower is the riding mower.

Way Choose of lawn mower

Types of the Lawnmower

The types of lawnmower available for your lawn is discussed below.

  1. Self-propelled mower

This type of lawnmower is best suitable when you have a large lawn or slopes. It is the easiest to use as it moves by itself and it can also constantly change the speed by itself to get the work done very fast.

  1. Push mowers

For small and flat lawns, you can use Push mowers. In this type of mower, you need to push the mower yourself. It does not work on its own. But it can create some problems while cutting the taller grasses.

  1. Electric mowers

As it does not use gasoline to run, it means they are more environmentally friendly. The runtime of this mower is 35-50 minutes which means it is suitable for smaller lawns. They have very limited power and you need to charge them very frequently. It also runs itself without any external push.

  1. Compact mower

The compact mower is very easily movable. It can be easily moved whenever there are many trees or plans on the lawn. It is generally small in size which helps it to move easily.

  1. Mulching lawnmower

This type of mower can help in adding organic matter to the soil. It happens by evenly distributing fine cuttings across the lawn. There is also another type of mower is available under this which distributes the organic matter to their both sides

  1. Adjustable lawn mower

This type of lawn mower adjusts its height itself. The adjustable feature is useful when, you want to choose the height up to which you want to cut the grasses, which is beneficial.

  1. Riding mower

This type of lawnmower is very large. It is used as a vehicle in which you can sit and ride. This is most suitable for the very large size of the lawn. As it takes a large amount of fuel to run this mower and the person should be experienced in riding the lawnmower.


I have shown you the types of lawnmower and also the criteria for deciding which lawn mower is most suitable for you. Now you can choose a lawnmower for yourself too.

For extra instructions be careful while using the lawnmower, as its blades are very sharp you should do it very carefully. And also take care about how long the chord is provided in case of Electric mower and whether it can cover the whole lawn or not.

Read all the points carefully and only after that go for a particular lawnmower. These are available in online shopping sites as well as in offline shops also. The review of How to choose Lawn mower we tried to find the best idea for you.




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