How to clean kitchen exhaust fan properly?

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An exhaust fan functions to keep the air clean by exchanging contaminated air with a clean one. It is much more likely that an exhaust fan is dirty, but the kitchen exhaust fan is exposed to dirt more than others.

  • The reason is, it maintains balance and makes the air free of smoke and other things. It also needs proper cleaning because grease and oil can affect its proper functioning. Its cleaning is somehow difficult and tricky as compared to countertops and shelves. It needs something to climb up. This is the reason why its cleaning is ignored sometimes.
  • Normally, the exhaust fans used in the kitchen are not that big, and their cleaning doesn’t need any professional assistance. You can do it easily by yourself. It is very important to clean the exhaust fan regularly because it will make the ventilation easy for the fan.

There are very simple steps that can be adopted to clean your kitchen exhaust fan:

Preparation of cleaning

It would be best if you prepare yourself for cleaning the exhaust fan mentally and physically. Unplug the exhaust fan unit and remove all wires connected to it. If the height of the exhaust fan is not easily accessible, take a ladder to reach it. You will also need masks and gloves.

Removal of oily contamination

You need to remove the greasy traps from the receptacles. If the traps are hard to remove, you can soak the parts into boiling water and the cleaning mixture. It will make the cleaning process easy.

Cleaning of the parts of exhaust fan

Soak the blades into a cleaning mixture for a long and then scrub clean them. You can also use a scraper to clean if the stains are not coming out.

Take the mesh off. Its cleaning is comparatively easy. Soak it into the cleaning mixture, and then scrub clean it gently. After that, the blades need to get cleaned. This part is somehow tricky because hard and resistant traps and stains are located there.

Use of cleaning solutions

Cleaning solutions help a lot in the cleaning process. There are a lot of cleaning sprays available in the market that promise to do their job effectively. One thing must be kept in mind that the sprays or mixture should not be applied directly to an exhaust fan’s electrical parts. A piece of towel or any wipe dipped in cleaning spray should be used. Lemons, vinegar and baking soda, are also very helpful for cleaning purposes.

Post cleaning

After cleaning the parts of the exhaust fan, let them dry. After that, fix them up again. They are ready to re-use now.

Importance of regular cleaning of exhaust fans

  • Regular cleaning of your exhaust fans makes them work well. Their working and lifetime depend upon the way you are using them.
  • Regular cleaning of exhaust fans helps you achieve a well-ventilated and pure environment in your kitchen. The humidity and moisture are also removed effectively by a clean exhaust fan.
  • Cleaning processes also remove risk factors. If any clog is making its way, you are prepared for it, and before any major problem, you can solve it.


Jon MorrTech Blogger at - Gadgets Review

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