How to improve game performance in Windows 10?

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Save up the least is one of the pillars in the area of computing, and components such as RAM and video cards increase cost exponentially, either as desktop or laptop.

The greatest effort we can make to optimize our current equipment will be a rewarding undertaking, please rest assured.

Good maintenance of our computer will give a useful life more prolonged, but we can also do much for performance according to your configuration and restrictions.

improve game performance

When we want to improve the performance of our team about video games, all the effort to save money is not excepted, if you have Windows 10 you can apply certain tricks very easily, and without the need to call a professional.

Tricks to improve the performance of your games in Windows 10 :

Services offered by Windows 10 for gaming.

Windows offers many add-ons, which in most cases are necessary for the proper functioning of the computer, useful if true, but not necessary when you only want to play on the computer.

In the Windows search engine, we type “Services”, then “Registration”. An important list of system actions is displayed, we will indicate if we need them or not, or we simply want to apply the “Manual” mode so that we can use it only when we need them. Actions such as Download maps, pending prints, IP auxiliary application, sensors, among others. Countless actions that we may not be aware of that our computer performs automatically.

Optimize and prioritize specific games

The “Task Manager” of our team will allow us to see what programs we have running. If we open a game and close it, it will remain in the administrator, there we can see in “Details” our game in execution, with the right button we open the properties and set “High” as a priority.

Windows 10 Game Mode

They are tools that can be activated to make Windows more accessible and manageable for those who want to dedicate their time to the game.

Your processor has available resources, such as the processor, memory, disk writing, among others. All of them share in real-time along with the games that are running at the same time. If we activate the game mode, we assign higher priority to the games, reducing the importance and background updates to the rest. And it can even pause services that are not closely necessary.

When we have this mode activated on our computer, we will have access in the taskbar such options as record, retransmit your game, audio, and video improvements through your webcam.

Delete or close all Office services.

If removing the entire Office suite seems too drastic to you, you can try closing all the files you have open when you play.

An office is a fundamental tool when working on our computer, and we find it strange that it is not there, but if you are sure that your purpose will be to play and you do not plan to work, you can dare since Office can slow down our equipment.

Google Chrome and its records.

If your favorite browser is Google and you have never deleted everything it can store, you would be losing a lot of space, and even some annoying cookies. If you erase this data you will noticeably solve the performance.

The problem solver.

There is a possibility that after having made all the recommendations, you still do not get the problem. Windows 10 helps you with its “troubleshooter”. This tool performs a check of the hardware and software and shows you the faults they may have, and that may be affecting you when playing.

Last suggestions.

Have your Windows updated, powerful antivirus and updated your video card drivers. In the case of antivirus, malware tends to be the majority of the culprits for slowing down your computer.

Microsoft for a long time did not have as a priority to keep the gamers population, now with Windows 10, it wants to gradually recover all these users, offering different tools that will allow you to better enjoy the performance of your games.

We cannot fail to emphasize that it not only implies the operation of Windows but the good maintenance of the equipment and different components that your computer may have.

Jon MorrTech Blogger at - Gadgets Review

Tech Blogger

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