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Nowadays, computer games are no longer as simple as they used to be. More and more developers are coming up with outstanding games with demanding graphics in terms of the power of the machine you are using for your gameplay. People used to only play demanding games on dedicated consoles, but now that technology has made advancements in what a personal computer can handle, it is not rare to opt for PC games. You might be enjoying a long storyline of an adventure or action game. Besides, as the rise of popular online team games is now eminent, most gamers will spend a lot of time online playing with their team in various competitions.

keep gaming laptop cool

This leads to one common problem for most gamers, which is their Laptop or desktop CPU overheating and maybe slowing down their gameplay. The main reason why most PCs overheat is due to high-performance CPUs and powerful GPUs as both will work at the same time while playing a demanding game. There are many ways to go about cooling your PC depending on how much you are willing to spend and the PC you use. So without further due, let us review in detail some tips on how to keep a gaming laptop cool to make sure your gaming experience is smooth over a long period.

Ensure proper placement of your PC

This is the first and foremost thing to consider in making sure your gaming laptop doesn’t overheat. An ideal surface should be flat and solid to ensure that the laptop’s fans’ openings are not obstructed. It is a very bad practice to play your games with your laptop placed on a soft surface like a sofa or a bedcover. To ensure more room for air, you can add a thick book or a stand between your pc and the supporting surface.

Systematically clean your laptop 

No matter how you keep your laptop, dust particles will get into the internal of your laptop as air circulates through your PC. So it is imperative to clean your PC at least every six months to ensure that your gaming laptop stays fit for the task. There are very simple and affordable ways to clean your laptop. You can buy a can of compressed air to avoid opening your laptop while removing all the dust that builds up inside. Unplug your laptop and let it cool off before starting the cleaning process, then expose the bottom fan grilles as you spray the compressed air from the can. Make sure the can is always in an upright position to not let liquid air get inside your hardware. You can also take it to a PC maintenance shop and they will open it and clean every corner of your laptop internals.

A cooling pad for additional cooling power

Once you make sure your laptop is always well placed and the internal is clean from over-packed dust, your laptop might still be overheating on some games. If that is the case, you need to consider buying a cooling pad to amplify the power of your laptop’s cooling system. Cooling pads work by taking the hot air from your laptop’s processors and eliminate it from the sides, while at the same time allocating cooler airflow inside the pc. Make sure to buy reliable cooling pads and abstain from just getting cheap ones in order to get the full benefits of using a cooling pad.

Put an extra thermal paste on the CPU and GPU

When laptops are made, the manufacturers do not put enough thermal paste on the CPU and GPU. On some laptops, there is no thermal paste applied at all. You can get a good quality thermal paste from a PC maintenance shop, or take it there and professionals will help you pick and apply a reliable thermal paste. Thermal paste will allow your CPU and GPU to transfer heat away from itself into the exhaust fan.

Having a cool laptop will ensure that you have smooth gameplay. We shared affordable and practical practices to ensure that your laptop doesn’t overheat. Keep in mind that there are more tips that you can use to ensure that your pc is up to the gaming task.

Jon MorrTech Blogger at - Gadgets Review

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