How to use a gas grill in a professional way?

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Every form of cooking is art rather than science. There are some fundamental practices, but after that, it is your talent and technique that will make you a fabulous griller. If you are a grill lover, always waiting for an excuse to cook up tasty and smooth parts of meat and veggies, it is important that you understand the best use of a gas grill too. So, here, let’s start on a step-by-step tour to know the precise ways of how to use a gas grill?

use a gas grill in a professional way

  1. Check your Fuel supply and Grease Management system.

After making up your mind that you are going to grill, always try to verify that you have enough fuel supply for your grill machine. Also, take these recommended steps to verify safety,

  • Check whether the gas supply system is ok. Make sure there are no damages like bumps, cracks, or holes.
  • An important step is to make sure that the gas system has no leak. To check this you can use soapy water to the links and pipes. If you don’t see any bubble coming up, your gas system is leak-free.
  1. Put all the grilling items in place.

Before you start grilling, bring all the essential items near to the grilling place. This way you can have anything you need in time. To make sure that everything is perfect, please remove all the items that will not be used during the grilling session. It is better for you to have all the items in place and unnecessary items are not. This way can make good use of the grill session.

  1. Prepare essential Food items.

After keeping all the grill items in place, now it is time to prepare the cooking tools and the food to be prepared. it is required to have all food items fully processed and ready to cook before you start; so you can have a great grilling experience.

  1. Pre-heat your grill.

Another important step is to pre-heat your grill by applying every burner on high and closing the hood for 15-20 minutes. To maintain a stable temperature while you are cooking, this step really important. This will help your food to be prepared evenly and will make your food much delicious.

  1. Use oil on the cooking grids.

After making sure that your grill is enough pre-heated, you can begin to lightly coat your cooking grids with oil. After coating the grids, make sure you close the lid. You need to set your desired cooking temperature by turning the control knobs after you close the lid.

  1. If you have more than one burner.

It is profoundly advised to set a hot side and a warm side if you have more than one burner. Experts suggest that you need to set one burner in medium hot or your desired hot temperature and the other side needs to have a medium-low or medium temperature. Depending on your food and the taste of your food, this will leave you two different options to grill your food. This preparation of both sides will let you cook on one side of your grill and finish cooking a well-prepared dish on the other side. It also grants a safe place for you to relocate the food just in case the hot side starts to get extremely hot to manage.

  1. Get Start with the Grilling Procedure.

If you want to grill like a master, constantly have flexibility really easy by setting food on the grill from left to right and back to front. Before applying your first side up to give one or two items a little touch, if they don’t want to loosen then they are apparently not ready to be turned.
Allow them to cook for another minute or two depending on the heat and your taste of food. When they are set, just maintain the left to right back to front order when flipping and shifting the food you are cooking.

  1. Set the hood closed as much as possible.

As soon as you fell the sensation of heat is perfect while grilling it is much better that you set your grill hood closed for as much as time possible. This will help you to cook faster with more evenly distributed heat. Also, it will allow the food to generate better flavor and it will be safe for you.

  1. Gather a cast iron pot or skillet.

If you are trying to make some quick sauce, boiling marinades, or you want to warm the desserts, it will be really helpful if you can manage a cast iron pot or skillet. They heat precisely and their added weight holds them more stable on the grill.

  1. Put your food in foil paper.

If you want to preserve your food for a while, keep them in a foil paper to store the heat and flavor. Foil paper holds the food temperature and flavor for you.

  1. Keep your grill clean.

Keeping a clean grill will decrease the risks of flare-ups and ceaseless smoke, which will burn the surface of the food and expose a bad flavor. Many people just turn the grill on high for 10 to 15 minutes to let the heat burn off the grease or then rub off any debris from the grill gratings. A lot of the grease does get burnt off throughout a high-temperature “clean,” but not all of it.

Utilizing a grill brush will help eliminate stuck-on food, but it also forces the wreckage into the grill itself. Food that befalls into the grill, ash coats, and other gunk reside inside the grill until a washing. Remove the grates and burner covers at least twice a year to completely clean the grill. If you grill regularly,  do this more frequently. After a deep washing, you will possibly notice a variation in how your grill works.


This was our step by step guide to help you how to use a gas grill. Stay within the radar and keep grilling.



Jon MorrTech Blogger at - Gadgets Review

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