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HP touch screen laptop is the cynosure of all eyes with its spectacular design. It is a flagship laptop produced in 2019. It comes with 8GB RAM and 2TB hard drive. The laptop is packed with so many goodies; yet, it is very affordable. It is a perfect student laptop. The laptop has got speed and top-notch performance. It is very reliable and dependable. It exemplifies functionality and affordability. The design of the laptop is very similar to that of the HP Pavilion.


The screen is very wide, with 15.6-inch screen size. It has Intel Core i5 – 7200U processor and Intel HD Graphics 620 graphics processor. The CPU is of the 7th Gen processor family. With 2.50 GHz processor speed, it is reliable all way. The laptop handles every regular computing task effectively.

hp touch screen laptop

Expect superb performance even if you do some hardware-tasking work like video and music production. It is a laptop PC that handles multi-tasking creditably without slowing down. It comes with a 1366 x 768 resolution. The screen display is bright and sharp. The model number is HP 15-bs095ms.


  • Intel Core i5 – 7200U processor
  • Intel HD Graphics 620
  • 8GB RAM
  • 2 Terabytes hard drive
  • Windows 10 Operating System
  • 6 hours of battery life
  • 6 inch HD touchscreen
  • Processor speed  (1.6GHz, up to 2.56GHz)
  • Front-facing VGA webcam with integrated digital microphone
  • Backlit keyboard
  • 5400 RPM hard drive speed
  • DVD Writer


HP touchscreen laptop comes very sleek and trendy. The plastic chassis is in the silver-colored lid, while the laptop PC itself comes in the jet black finish. The laptop is very light and comfortable to use because the keyboard is pleasurable when you are typing on it. The design is very alluring, elegant, and stylish. The finishing is very impeccable and impressive. There is no how you won’t fall in love with this laptop. The hinges are very strong and rugged too. The display is a touchscreen. The battery is removable, which makes replacement very easy. The laptop PC weighs 2 kg.


HP touchscreen laptop battery lasts 8 hours per charge. The battery is 3-cell 31 WHr 2.8Ah lithium Li-on. There is a lot more power after completing your computing tasks. So, you can relax and watch your favorite videos. It makes sense to have an extra battery if you are a heavy user. That is a total of 16 hours if you have an extra battery.


HP touch screen laptop has a friendly front-facing VGA camera. The webcam is also integrated with a digital microphone. This is perfect for YouTube publishers and people who want to record videos with the laptop instantly. The integration of a digital microphone makes recording very easy. Just sit in front of the camera and do your recording. The microphone is so clear when making calls on Skype.

Video & Audio

HP touchscreen laptop is fitted with Intel HD Graphics 620, which has up to 4GB memory. With the graphics processor, you are sure of bright and colorful videos and pictures when editing videos and working on graphics software like Photoshop and CorelDraw. It also renders the games very smoothly.

HP touchscreen laptop comes with HD audio stereo speakers. The sound from the speakers is very pleasing to the ears. The beat is okay too. The stereo speakers are like a mini home theatre. With 70% volume, the feeling is like a party. The sound is very quality. The same goes for the Window Media Player, which plays well in 25, 30, and 60 fps Ultra HD.


HP touch screen laptop has different ports for ease of connection. It has 2 USB 3.1 for faster data transfer, 1 USB 2.0, 1 HDMI, 1 RJ 45, and 1 Headphone-out/microphone-in combo jack. When it comes to connectivity, you are well covered. There is also Bluetooth and 802.11ac WLAN for your wireless connections. It also includes a multi-format SD digital media card reader, which can be used to directly access your data which are stored on the media card of the camera.

Optical Drive

HP touch screen laptop has a DVD Writer for copying your files into an empty DVD. DVD Writer is also useful in burning music and video into an empty DVD.

Screen Size

HP touchscreen laptop has a 15.6-inch screen when measured diagonally. It is an HD LED-backlit screen which has 1366×768 resolution. It also has a 10-finger multi-touch support.

Operating System

HP touch screen laptop comes pre-installed with the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system. Windows 10 offers faster start-ups for your laptop PC enjoyment. Windows 10 is capable of functioning properly across multiple devices, including synchronizing well with your Android phone. Windows 10 is very light and runs very smoothly by ensuring other computer applications load faster.


HP touch screen laptop keyboard is very comfortable and convenient when typing. The keyboard is a full-sized island-style keyboard that also has an integrated numeric pad. It is a backlit keyboard. The keyboard is extra-soft and very fanciful. Typing is very pleasurable. The feeling is better experienced than imagined.


HP touchscreen laptop delivers top performance with its 7th Gen Intel Core i5 processor. It is very responsive. The processor also has built-in security and supports 4k resolution. Storage is no problem with the 2TB hard drive. With two terabytes size, there is so much room for your music files, games, movies, and a lot more. The Intel Core i5 CPU also uses the Turbo Boost Technology in order to maximize its potentials to help deliver greater productivity.

With 8GB RAM, you are sure of resounding multi-tasking performance. The graphics processor is the Intel HD Graphics 620 that presents a well-enhanced visual display by rendering clear, bright, and sharp pictures and videos. With 31 Wh Li-ion battery, you are sure of 8 hours of performance. The laptop PC performance is very smooth, delivering speed when you are working on CPU demanding tasks like video editing. The laptop itself is very strong and also light-weight.

Heat Emission

HP touch screen laptop is very cool throughout our test while working on basic computer tasks using the Microsoft Office Suites. There was a bit of heat while we were working with Photoshop, but the fans were capable of cooling the PC. The fans rotate fast enough to blow out the heat, and the laptop continues to perform well all through our test.


HP touchscreen laptop is not specifically made for gaming. That is the truth. That does not mean you can not play some of your favorite games on the laptop PC. The graphics processor allows you to play your games on the laptop very smoothly. Not all games would play, but your very basic games would play.

We tested the League of Legend on the Intel HD Graphics 620, and it played well without any issues. It played smoothly at frame rates of about 75 fps.

hp touch screen laptop review

The maximum graphics setting was full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution. Another game that played well is DOTA 2. It played at a low resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels at frame rates of between 60 and 80 fps.

Counter-Strike is another interesting game that played well on the laptop PC. Counter-Strike is a shooting game. It played at a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and at a setting of 45 fps. Grand Theft Auto also played well on the laptop. Grand Theft Auto really tasked the Intel HD Graphics 620 so much. But it was able to play smoothly in frame rates between 20 and 25 fps. There are other games that will also play well on the laptop. Just try out a few games and see.

CPU – Intel Core i5-7200U

A touchscreen laptop is fitted with the Intel Core i5 – 7200U processor. The Intel Core i5 – 7200U belongs to the family of the 7th Gen Intel Core U Kaby Lake. The Core i5 – 7200U is a part of the mid-range dual-core CPU, which is within the group of the 7th Gen series. 7th Gen Core U chips are part of the minor upgrade to the 6th Gen of Skylake.

The Intel Core i5 – 7200U processor is mainly used for mainstream laptops, which are usually on 15.6-inch screen size as the HP touchscreen laptop. The Intel Core i5 processor is based on 14-nanometer technology, which usually comes with the thermal design power of 15 Watts. As a result of the main improvements, the 7th Gen of Core i3, i5, and i7 CPUs have faster clock speeds compared to the 6th Gen.

There are other improvements like the Ultra HD, which supports 4k high resolution. The Intel Core i5 – 7200U has a base speed of 2.5 GHz and Turbo Boost of 3.1 GHz. This is a slight improvement when compared to the older version of Core i5 – 6200U, which runs at 2.3 GHz with 2.8 GHz Turbo Boost. The truth about these processors is that most users do not notice any difference between these CPUs in their daily computing tasks.

The Intel Core i5 – 7200U even as a mid-range processor, performs well-doing video streaming. It renders video streaming in full HD resolution. When working on computer applications like Microsoft Word, the processor delivers faster than its predecessor. Watching YouTube videos is fun and interesting. YouTube videos and Google Chrome run very smoothly on the Core i5 – 7200U processor.

GPU – Intel HD Graphics 620

Touchscreen laptop comes with Intel HD Graphics 620, which is an integrated graphics processor. It performs fine alongside the 7th Gen Intel Core processor, which belongs to the Kaby Lake family. As of today, the most popular CPU that works with the Intel HD Graphics 620 is the mid-range 7th Gen Core i5 – 7200U. Performance is a lot more enhanced if the RAM comes with 8 GB RAM of two channels (4GB x 2); instead of 8GB in one channel (8GB x 1). The Intel HD Graphics 620 performs well with most games like DOTA 2, League of Legend, Counter-Strike, and Grand Theft Auto.


The touchscreen laptop had a moderate temperature when we tested it. The fans did a very good job of ensuring heat was not emitted from the laptop. Since the fans blew out the heat very easily, it ensured the laptop PC continues to perform to its optimum.

Technical Specifications

  • Screen size – 15.6-inch screen with 1366 x 780 resolution
  • Keyboard – Backlit keyboard, full-sized island-style keyboard design with the numeric keypad
  • Processor – Intel Core i5 7200U with 2.50 GHz
  • Memory – 8GB RAM, DDR4
  • Optical Drive – DVD Writer
  • Audio – HD Audio with stereo speakers
  • Operating System – Windows 10 Home
  • Media Drive – Multi-format digital media card reader
  • Video – Intel HD Graphics 620 with 4GB graphics memory
  • Hard Drive – 2 TB SATA HDD
  • Ports – 2 USB 3.1, 1 USB 2.0, 1 HDMI
  • Colour – Jet Black
  • Wireless – 802.11ac WLAN
  • Camera – VGA webcam with integrated microphone
  • Bluetooth – Available
  • Media Card Reader – Available, SD card reader
  • Battery – 6 hours battery life, 3-cell 3WHr
  • Wi-Fi – Available
  • OS Bit – 64 Bit
  • Remote Control – Not available
  • Serial port – Not available
  • TV-out – Not available
  • Fingerprint – Yes, available


HP touchscreen laptop is a great laptop PC with unparalleled performance. Students will find it very enticing and useful. The catch is the 15.6-inch widescreen. With a webcam that is integrated with a digital microphone, the laptop becomes more valuable when compared to the price of the PC itself. With two terabytes of the hard drive, storage is no longer a big concern. With 2GB RAM, speed won’t be an issue. The Intel HD Graphic 620 processor helps to provide smooth gaming.

The Intel Core i5 – 7200U CPU renders unbeatable performance. The keyboard is a smooth ride alongside its numeric pad. It is a very soft touch keyboard. It is a laptop that withstands pressure because, throughout our tests, the temperature of the laptop PC just rose a bit, but the fans were able to cool it in due course. With 8 hours of battery life, this laptop PC is well suited for heavy users like people in video editing and music production business.

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