Nikon dslr camera D850 Review

Most photographers using Nikon DSLR cameras. I have noticed many professional photographers usually carry two cameras with them. Let’s check why Nikon is the best choice for them.

Photographer wants a camera that has super high resolution and high speed shooting together. But now it is Nikon D850, which is a good combination of both. That is why it got great hype for the company’s announcements in early 2019, and when finally the cover came off, it looks incredibly promising.

It has some brilliant features which can satisfy every photographer’s needs. From 45.7 MP sensor, ISO range of 64000-25600 to 153 autofocus system, and many more amazing technical specs made it an all-rounder in the market. This review will discuss some of its mind-blowing features in detail. Let’s have a look :

D850 design:

Nikon has engineered once again a powerful camera, which feels highly well-constructed. After talking about its robustness, this is built around a magnesium alloy chassis. It,s fully weatherproof to prevent any moisture. It is also sealed so that dust and dirt cannot penetrate through the body and damaging the internals. On this Nikon DSLR D850, you will not find the pop-up flash because they decided to take it off.

Though it was helpful on the D810, you will not identify the difference between D810 and D850 from the front side. However, if you hold it in your hand, you will indeed feel the difference in the grip. The grip is a little deeper than the D810. For a serious photographer, the key factors are comfort and a good feel. Usually, a photographer spends hours with the camera so feeling comfortable is essential, and on that point, the D850 really excels.

D850 body:

Viewfinder and screen:

Nikon DSLR D850 has been constructed with a tilting touchscreen. The screen is the same 2.36 inch LCD. It can be tilted up and down for waist-level shooting. The angle of tilt is suitable for any shooting. The way the touch screen can be used now to change menu settings or browse is better than D500. The viewfinder is impressive as the screen. Its 0.75x magnification and 100% frame coverage offer a delightful view. The viewfinder has no lag, short blackout time. It has an option to prevent any light leakage problems during long exposures.

Nikon D850 FX format Digital SLR Camera 

Autofocus & silent shooting :

The Nikon D850 is no exception to Nikon’s professional SLR in terms of putting fast and accurate focusing performance. It has a Multi-cam 20k autofocus sensor module that helps you focus faster than you thought it might be. One of the most impressive actions is it works pretty perfectly in deplorable lighting conditions. It is very challenging to track moving subjects, but you can do that without facing any problem with this camera. There is an autofocus custom settings menu where you can refine AF settings to suit your way of shooting.

You can speed up or down blocked shot AF respond and tell the camera with lock-on settings. There is an option to reduce the number of selectable AF points and a back button to set up from the AF activation submenu. Nikon tried to dampen the sound of its mirror slap on other DSLR cameras s previously. In this D850, Nikon has introduced an electrical shutter that is completely silent, not even make the vibration noise to take images when live view mode is on.

Nikon D850- performance:

You will be astonished to see the Nikon D850 camera’s performance. You can use this SLR to shoot in many different environments. You will be completely blown away by the detailing. With the high resolution, fast focus speed, and tilt-angle screen, you can capture the shot much more accessible than any previous one. And the crystal clear rear display with its responsive touch control color rendition is excellent for check the result. If you are someone who doesn’t look so familiar with the touchscreen, you will still love this Nikon D850 because it is so easy to navigate the menu.

Nikon D850-Video & Resolution:

The Nikon D850 SLR is capable of capturing sensational movie footage. In a maximum 29mins 59 sec record time, this camera can record (3840*2160) at 30fps and Full HD (1920*1080) at up to 60fps. Its 4k and 8k time–lapse capabilities make it apart from other cameras. When you set up the interval and shooting time, you visualize how much space the time-lapse will take. Creating the high-resolution time-lapse footage will consume lots of battery charge. This camera has such a high resolution. The D850 offers an ISO 64 mode.

nikon dslr camera D850 FX format Digital SLR Camera 

Nikon-850 Noise :

To make the best result at high ISO, you need to shoot in raw, and you will be impressed by this Nikon D850 SLR camera’s performance. ISO up to 12,800, the fine detail of a Nikon DSLR D850 image can be restored. You might notice in a close examination of files that noise-free results in between ISO 100-800. However, at ISO 51,200 and ISO 25,600, the noise becomes so imposing. So you most probably avoid these settings.

Nikon- 850 features:

Nikon D850 has some jaw-dropping features, which I already discussed a few above. It has 153 autofocus points which include auto-area,3D color tracking, and the option of selecting the number of the focus point. It has the metering sensor, which is inherited from D5; this sensor is used for face detection in order to subject tracking through the autofocus system. Nikon D850 has two reduced image size options so that the vast 8256* 5504-pixel files cannot block the storage.
With this option, you can change the image size from large to medium. However, the D850 will record a 6192*4128pixel file with the trim settings to 4128*2752pixel. This SLR has a built-in interval meter and dx crop mood, which is automatically selected. The videographer will also be happy to see some design in its body, like the zebra pattern, to avoid extra pop-up color. This camera is capable of 4k recording at 30fps using the entire sensor.

nikon dslr camera D850 FX format Digital SLR Camera

Key Specification of the SLR  Nikon d850 FX-Format:

  • 7MP BSI CMOS sensor
  • Sensor size 35.9*23.9mm
  • Resolution 8256*5504
  • 7fps continuous shooting with AE/AF
  • 153-point Auto Focus system linked to the 180,000-pixel metering system
  • 4k video capture from the full width of the sensor  at 30p
  • UHD uncompressed output when it  is recording to cards
  • 1840 shots Battery life
  • Battery type EN-en15a
  • Tilting LCD touchscreen with 2.36M-Dot (1024*768pixel)
  • Illuminated controls
  • 4 MP DX crop
  • Weight 915g
  • Snapbridge is there, plus full-time Bluetooth LE connection system with internet
  • Advanced time-lapse options are available
The score of this SLR in detail:

Value: 9 out of 10

Design: 9 out of 10

Features: 10 out of 10

Image quality: 9 out of 10

Build quality: 9 out of 10

Performance: 9 out of 10


  • In this Nikon D850, SLR Sensor resolves exceptionally in fine detail
  • Superfast autofocus and silent shooting in Live view
  • Fast AF point positioning
  • Impressive battery life

Those of you who describe the Nikon d850 SLR as the game-changer were true. Because it is one of the most dynamic cameras on the market, this camera is suitable for all genres of photography like the wedding, wildlife, landscape, portrait, architecture, etc. Nikon hasn’t disappointed the slightest to its customer after a long wait. All kinds of photographers will get surprised by their performance. Particularly the new 45.7 million pixels full-frame CMOS sensor, its low light capabilities at high ISO, and high resolution with high speed will blow their minds.

All these features but the AF response are also good even in the lowest light condition and with the fastest subjects. The tilting touchscreen, video capabilities, and snap bridge connectivity didn’t perform faultlessly and were not always reliable. So I do feel these areas could have been better. Nevertheless, the D850 is a versatile camera, no doubt. Nikon appears to be back on track with this sensational SLR finally. You are going to agree with me on this matter. So don,t late for your set. Hope you got why photographer like Nikon DSLR camera.

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