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Oscillating Lawn Sprinkler XT from the stables of Malnor is the right oscillating sprinkler for your lawn if you want your property to survive extreme heat conditions. This sprinkler will help your yard to avoid brown spots that emanate from uneven watering.

Lawn Sprinkler XT comes with easy adjustments for you to control the watering of your lawn. This sprinkler is capable of covering up to 3,700 square feet. This is a solid and dependable sprinkler that is built to last. It comes with water patterns for you to do adequate lawn watering with ease. Infinity Turbo helps to provide smooth watering whether there is low or high pressure from your tap. This helps to push out any dirt or obstructions in your hose. This oscillating sprinkler delivers top-notch performance


Lawn Sprinkler

Why you will Oscillating Sprinkler?

  1. Durability – The first thing any gardener or lawn owner should consider when purchasing an oscillating sprinkler is durability. Many oscillating sprinklers fall apart after a few months of use. This is the hallmark of longevity. This is a high-quality oscillating sprinkler that will serve you for a long time to come.
  2. Water Pattern – Next thing to look out for is the water pattern. Many oscillating sprinklers don’t have water patterns. You have to be sure that any oscillating sprinkler that you are considering meets your needs. Some oscillating sprinklers are just static. This oscillating sprinkler is different because it has a height adjustment to cover a wide area of your lawn. This makes for a delicate water pattern that will make your property look lush green all seasons.
  3. Design – You wouldn’t want an oscillating sprinkler that looks so odd. This oscillating sprinkler is ergonomic. Effectiveness and efficiency should be the high point of an oscillating sprinkler.

Coverage –

  1. Before you go for an oscillating sprinkler, you have to find out its coverage level. Some sprinklers are made explicitly for small lawns; some other sprinklers are for medium properties, while others are for a large yard. The good thing is that this lawn sprinkler from Malnor is made for all sizes of lawns. This is because it has water level adjustments for you to cover the area that you want to cover at any point in time.
  2. Price – Judging from experience, expensive things does not translate to high quality. Some sprinklers are not expensive but deliver top-notch performance. The price of this oscillating sprinkler is very competitive when compared with other sprinklers in its category. This is an affordable, dependable sprinkler that delivers satisfactory job.
  3. Ease of use – Some oscillating sprinklers usually come complicated. Ease of use should be one of the considerations to be made before purchasing an oscillating sprinkler. This oscillating lawn is very easy to use. Its adjustment heights allow you to cover your desired watering range. It comes with controls that allow you to reduce the area of coverage or increase it to cover more areas.


Sprinkler XT is the ideal oscillating sprinkler for gardeners and lawn owners. It makes sense to go for an oscillating sprinkler that does precisely what you want. Lawn watering becomes a piece of cake with this sprinkler that never disappoints at any time. There is no need to compromise on quality, especially when the product is affordable. This oscillating sprinkler won’t put a hole in your pocket. This is the best bet for gardeners and lawn owners.

Jon MorrTech Blogger at - Gadgets Review

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