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Are you a game enthusiast or maybe just the smallest best gaming laptop buyer?  It doesn’t matter!  Because of razer blade 15 review here for you. You might be thinking why am I saying that I will give you plenty of reason in a bit to agree with me. There was a day when every game lovers used to play the game on the desktop. That day has gone now. You can play the game on a 4K laptop where ever you want to.

Especially with this Razer Blade best 4K Laptop, you can have a combination of portability and power efficiency. It has the Ge Force graphics card created with high-speed FinFet technology. Normally a gaming laptop is very heavy but this is the very lightweight machine. It has the anti-ghosting keyboard and because of Fin Fet technology, it can be operated in lower supply voltage.  All in all Razer Blade Ge -Force laptop is a jack of all trades. Now I will describe some of its significant features followed by all features. Please have a look.

4k laptop Gaming Laptop

Lightweight and Design

We know that to fit the full graphics card in 14” frame needs compromises. It weighs 4.3 lbs with the dimensions 13.6*9.3*0.7 inch. That means the Razer Blade Ge-Force laptop is ultra-portable and smaller than any other gaming machine.

You will be so amazed at how thin this laptop is as a 4k laptop. This new Razer blade is pushing its limit with its ultra-thin form factor. It is made from precision-cut CNC aluminum. This 0.7-inch sleek powerhouse gives you the freedom to play the game on the go. Which is one of the reasons it is best 4K

This laptop is light enough to fit into your regular backpacks. It has a matte black shell with glowing lights and logos plus a green logo on the lid makes it very cool and elegant. It has 16 GB of fast dual-channel  DDR4 2400MHZ memory. The PCI Express  SSD enables you to enjoy 3x faster than a traditional SATA  SSD. So you can boot and install the game faster.


Blade Cool keyboard:

The Razer Blade Ge-Force laptop‘s keyboard is part of the company’s Chroma line. It allows a section of the keyboard to show different colors. You can program your own custom keyboard. The colorful keyboard is not only cool looking also very comfy to typing. The touchpad movement is very easy too.

This laptop has a unified configuration software called Razer Synapse which will allow you to assign so many groups of instruction. So you will able to place your command very quickly. Its keypad has some anti-ghosting feature. It also can register random key presses accurately. There is another feature of this best gaming laptop, which is you can even personalize your own lighting effect. Like, If you want to set your WASD keys to glow in certain color while rest of the keys lighting indifferently, you can do that too. How cool is that!

The Razer Blade 14″ Thin & Light Gaming Laptop – Full HD IPS Display, 7th Gen Intel Core i7-7700HQ, GeForce GTX 1060 (6GB GDDR5 VRAM) VR Ready, 16GB RAM, 256GB PCIe SSD

Display & sounds:

As we all know we need to ponder on the screen before buying a gaming laptop. You shouldn’t invest in that product which has a touchscreen. As they drain your battery first. With  Razer Blade Ge-Force laptop you will not face this problem. Because it has full  HD screen displays which give clear details. You are a game lover or enjoy watching Netflix the color and brightness will satisfy your mind.

With amazing 350nit high brightness from the LED backlight, this Razer Blade has the optimized display for gaming. You can also enjoy watching the best gaming laptop in bright light without having any reflection. The built-in speakers produce clear, warm sound while playing games.

Other  features:

The performance of the Razer Blade Ge-Force laptop is good as expected.  It also comes with 16GB DDR4 RAM that is a standard for a gaming laptop. It has an Nvidia GTX 1060 graphics card created with FinFET technology. As we know FinFET technology is the most compelling process in order to perform and power benefits. There is a new feature of this best gaming laptop which is Nvidia 1060 will support VR headsets like the HTC Vive. The newer intel core i7-7700HQ is a big plus point for this laptop. Usually, 7th Gen Intel core 7700HQ found in the thicker notebook. It gives this 14” inch laptop 2.8GHz of quad-core processing power and turbo boost speed.

You should know before buying a gaming laptop that quad-core is the ideal chip then a dual-core. With this, you can enjoy the high definition of 4k content. If you are a game lover you might know that battery life is very necessary for playing a game on a laptop. In this gaming, the laptop battery lasts 8hours and 15 minutes. You might think that this laptop doesn’t have a huge storage hard drive but because of high speed, you can use external storage very easily.

Those who are looking for a laptop in order to professional use, this can be used for that purpose as well. It is very efficient to meet all your computing needs. Razer has a good combination of ports that means you will be able to connect with most modern screens. It has 3 USB ports on the right side, a single Thunderbolt  3 connector (USB Type –C)  on the left side plus headphone jack input.

 Here are the specs of the Razer  Blade laptop:

Display: 14-inch 1920*1080 IPS Matte Display

Graphics : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 ,6GB

Processor: Intel  Core i7-7700HQ, 2.8GHz

Memory: 16GB DDR4 2400Mhz

OS: Windows 10

OS Drive: 256 GB SSD PCle M.2

Battery:70Wh lithium-ion polymer

Weight:4.0 pounds


This best gaming laptop needs some care like any other electrical device. Here I will give you a few hints of that. Firstly, do not put your laptop on your laptop while gaming or using it. Always put it on the flat surface.  Secondly, if you notice while playing the game it’s getting very hot then turn down the graphics settings. Thirdly, gaming laptop always contains some moving or non–moving parts, so handle gently and last but not the list though it’s a gaming laptop, but do not install the bunch of games in it.

Razer blade Product Review :

People are loving this best gaming laptop the Razer Blade. I saw 201 reviews on the Amazon page while writing this article. Most of the comments are positive but there are few critical comments as well. Like one customer said –“yeah, it’s cool! It feels cool! But the only problem is when you use it, it gets superheated!” This type of comment is not common.L like one of the other customers said “amazing laptop, worth every penny you spend on display, lightness, and ease of use.” So with this comment, I would recommend you to have this laptop. This is an amazing gaming laptop, no doubt! But like every product, it also has some cons. There are all the pros and cons below:

Razer blade PROS:

  1. 1. lightweight
  2. Ultra-portable
  3. This laptop is remarkably silent
  4. You can personalize your own lighting effects
  5. The slight under volt on the CPU makes the temperature cool
  6. Both fans turn off during idle. Great processor and GPU performance
  7. It provides power and performance in the good package
  8. VR- ready

Make the decision

Some users are facing trouble getting internet connections but everything will be ok once you update the necessary device.

Now when I have discussed all the features of the Razer Blade Ge force gaming laptop, you might ask yourself should I buy it or not? I would tell you if you are a serious gamer or want to buy a laptop for your official work you should buy this Razer Blade. Being the best gaming laptop it also can work very efficiently for official use. Isn’t it amazing? After using so much money on a laptop you are not going to use that only for gaming, are you? Its sleek design and color combination makes it a very elegant looking stylish device.

It is one of the most portable gaming laptops with great efficiency. It has two fans that help it to stay cool under the heavy workload. If portability and style are your top priority then you shouldn’t look for any other devices. As I discussed earlier it might be a little expensive but I can assure you that, you will get all that you spend on it. The keyboard and keys of this laptop are not only easy to use also satisfying to look at. Please be sure about that, with this Razer Blade gaming laptop you will make your presence known to all. If you are already using this phenomenal gaming laptop then share your experience with us by leaving a comment below. Now over to you!


So hope you can go for this laptop after the check of razer blade 15 reviews for its gaming performance.


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