Has your bathroom fan light combo broken down? Want to know how to replace a bathroom fan light combo without any professional help? Just got down to the right place then. Here we will mention a complete step-by-step guide that will help you in replacing your bathroom fan light combo by yourself. Keep reading below to know it all!

Do some preparation

For the preparation, first of all, decide which bathroom light fan combo you want to install in replacement. Choose the one that is most durable and efficient.

Get the tools

After you have decided on the light fan combo,  get some necessary replacement tools. You are now prepared to enter the bathroom to start the replacement process.

Turn down the main power.

Keeping the power on the supply can result in shock or current if touched directly by an electrical conductor. This happens when the wires are uncovered or cracked.  So for your own safety,  you must turn off the main power supply to the house before replacing the bathroom fan light combo.

  • Remove the previous fan light combo.

Now all you have to do is to unscrew the cover of the previously installed bathroom fan light combo. Then remove the connectors and separate the wires.

  • Disconnect vent pipe

The next step is to disconnect the vent pipe that is attached to the light fan combo unit. This way, you can now take out the light portion of your fan light combo.

  • Remove the vent fan

Next comes removing the vent fan. This step varies with the type of fan attachment. Either you can remove it from the attic or from the bottom. Here you might need another person for assistance if you have to access the fan from the attic especially.

  • Adjust the ceiling hole

Now adjust the size of the ceiling hole according to the size of your fan light combo unit.

  • Install the new fan light combo

Now place the new fan light unit in the prepared area. Use the new screws that came along with the new fan light combo unit for securing the unit instead of reusing the old ones.

Reconnect the wiring

Reconnect the new fan light combo unit to the circuit breaker box in the same way as it was done with the previous unit.

  1. Reconnect the exhaust pipe

Now reconnect the exhaust pipe again to your bathroom fan light from the outside of your home. Here you might have to replace the older duct tube with a new one if it doesn’t fit the size of the new fan light combo unit.

  1. Turn on the power supply.

Now turn on the power supply to test if the new fan light combo unit is receiving current properly or not.

Some extra tips to follow

  • Test the current using a tester to check if the power has actually been powered off.
  • Mark the new cuttings with a pencil first and then cut with the cutter.
  • Insulate the new wiring with tape to prevent any fire.


Now that you have finally learned know how to replace a bathroom fan light combo, you can replace other fan light combo units of your house also, if required. Just be careful and follow the steps properly.

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