Samsung MU6300 review

Samsung MU6300 Ultra 4k LED TV can give you a fantastic 4k video. Nowadays, there are many ultra 4k smart LED TVs in the market. But the Samsung MU 6300 ultra 4k brilliant LED is far better than all. Its features are good, and the picture quality is decent. Video gamers will appreciate its improving input lag, which is now better than the average.

You may feel that the picture quality is degrading at an angle, and it doesn’t support in well-lit environments. But it is still a decent entry-level TV with good picture quality and excellent HDR performance. Additionally, this TV comes with a flat panel that uses VA panel technology with backlight technology. In order to deliver smooth picture quality while delivering running images, it is supported by motion technology. Now I think it’s time to give a closer look at some of the main features.


The design of the ultra 4k MU6300 is fantastic. Many people think that the creation of the MU6300 ultra 4k is identical to the KU6300 from 2016. This TV is supported by the stand quite nicely.

ultra 4k des

It is a V-shaped iconic center stand. However, this stand looks a little cheap but is stable. It might wobble when knocked but not going to fall apart from regular use. The borders of the TV are on a thicker side. The back of the TV looks similar to the KU6300. It is made of plastic. The inputs of the TV can be accessed from its side so you will not face any difficulty and can place this TV near a wall.

It is easy to access the controls. The thickness of the TV is relatively less, which is 2.56”. But if you wall-mounted, expect it not to be stick out much. It can get warm to touch the top, sides, and some parts of the back. You won’t face any problem with this. The built quality is the same as KU6300 from 2016.

Picture quality:

The MU6300 ultra 4k has better picture quality than any other average quality TV screen. The excellent contrast ratio and black uniformity make the screen show dark scenes with details in the dark environment. So there are no major clouding issues. But when in a brighter environment, the MU6300 ultra 4k cannot get more brilliant enough. That is why it does not fare from bright light or sunny windows.

The grey uniformity of this TV is very ordinary and makes the dirty screen effect visible, which is very distracting sometimes. The top and bottom edges are brighter than the rest of the screen. This TV has not that excellent viewing angle; that’s why it is better seen from directly front seating.
Otherwise, you will see the black color in a grey color. I must tell you that the HDR content doesn’t stand out while comparing to SDR. This TV is quite okay for reducing the intensity of direct reflection. So it works pretty well in the average bright room but not in a bright room.

Color gamut & volume:

The Samsung MU 6300 ultra 4k has a narrow color gamut. That means it can only show colors in the SDR REC 709 color gamut. Most colors in HDR content are shown except deep colors. The TV’S EOTF follows the HDR PQ curve as well. As I said earlier, it has a narrow color gamut that costs low dimming. That is why it cannot produce good color volume.

Motion& inputs:

The motion of this MU6300 ultra 4k is medium. The response time is good as the KU 6300. The MU6300 uses PWM at 120Hz to dim the backlight. PWM causes a duplicate trail following moving objects in 60Hz content, so motion isn’t as smooth without a flickering backlight.

Flickering frequency is possible to reduce to 60hz by activating auto motion plus custom to LED apparent activity. This will help you to clarify fast-moving content. The MU6300 has the ability to display content without the shutter. It also can’t remove judder from 60 Hz sources. But judder is something that many people are not sensitive to, so it is not a deal-breaker.

The MU6300 ultra 4k supports almost all the input signals. When in PC mode with a very low input lag, it will make the video gamers very happy. All the resolutions are supported but 120 Hz input. For 4k ultra, all three HDMI ports have enough resources. PC mode doesn’t work for some input frames.

Sound quality:

The sounds quality of Samsung ultra 4k is very similar to KU6300, which is quite good but will be great for an upgrade. The TV’s bass extension is below the average, where higher volumes produce compressions. But it usually makes a flat response and decently low amounts of distortion. It is able to double the distortion at higher volumes though not audible.

Smart features:

This TV runs Samsung’s 2017 Tizan innovative platform. Samsung’s 2017 size is easy to navigate. On the bottom of the screen, you can see the narrow home bar. So the intelligent features can be accessed without leaving the home menu. You can give voice commands from the remote‘s microphone, and other works allow to be done from the remote settings.
The interface is the smart hub that must be navigated to access the rest. This makes it very easy but still needs some extra steps to access some options. There is a quick menu on the second row of the smart hub, which recommends the content or standard settings for the option under focus. This TV comes with many apps like Netflix, youtube, and Amazon video, but you can always upload more from the app menu.

Remote & remote app:

The MU6300 remote has a built-in microphone. But this microphone of ultra 4k is used for voice commands and can perform many works through this. The results are like searching for content, changing settings, etc. The body of the remote is quite simple with all the buttons, which is very easy to reach. The small app has many useful features.

ultra 4k remote
ultra 4k remote

Which are streaming files from the device? This app also lacks some other features like text entry. But this TV has a joystick by this you can control almost everything. To raise and reduce the volume, you can push this joystick left and right. And up and down to change the channel. Also, by clicking the joystick, you can access a home menu and change everything.

What you will get in the box of MU6300 ultra 4k:

  • Component adapter
  • Remote
  • Manual
  • Batteries
  • Composite adapter


  • low input lag for the gamer
  • this MU6300 ultra 4k has good contrast
  • attractive Tizen OS


  • Lack of 3D technology
  • Limited HDR performance


  • Display specs- Resolution : 4k(2160*3840)
  • Screen type: flat
  • Backlight: direct LED
  • Local dimming: No
  • Features-Dimming technology: UHD dimming
  • Ultra-clear panel:  Yes
  • Color technology: 4K color drive pro
  • HDR: 4k HDR pro
  • 4k upscaling: UHD upscaling

Motion rate: Motion Rate 120(60 Hz native)

  • Smart TV-Platform: Tizen operating system

Processor: Quad-core

Key apps: Full browser, cloud games, smart view and more

Remote: Samsung smart touch remote

  1. Connectivity-RF: 1






  1. Audio-channel: 2

Speaker type: Down firing w/base reflex

Total power: 20 watts

As I discussed earlier, the picture quality and some features of MU 6300 are the same as the KU6300 series. But overall, the quality of the picture is above the average with black uniformity and a good contrast ratio. Unless you set it in a super bright room, the MU6300 ultra 4k offers satisfying HDR performance.
In addition, I would say it offers good motion handling with low input lags. Which helps for playing games and comfortable to watch sports program. As a smart TV, it uses the Tizen OS platform, which is well enough to offers a smart TV with tons of app to make it more attractive and responsive. This TV using a VA panel, but poor viewing is a significant drawback.

Why you will buy

If you are looking for an entry-level TV, then this is for you. Offering good picture quality and HDR performance makes it good enough for an entry-level TV. You must remember one thing that you don’t have to place this TV in a vast and very bright room. This is because it has a poor viewing angle. At an affordable price, this MU6300 might be the correct choice for you. Below I will give you the total score of this TV, which will help you to make further consideration before purchasing;

The total score of MU6300 ultra 4k:

Contrast: 4.5 stars out of 5

Color: 3.5 stars out of 5

Peak brightness: 3 stars out of 5

HDR performance: 3.5 out of 5

Side viewing angle:2 out of 5

Motion blur: 4 out of 5

Input lag: 4.5 out of 5

Smart TV: 4 out of 5

Sound: 3.5 out of 5

You can trust the review of Samsung MU6300 because it was done by consumer satisfaction.

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