Solaire Anywhere Infrared Grill maker

Solaire Anywhere Infrared Grill is a powerful grill for outdoor activities like boating, tailgating, camping, beaching, and picnics. This grill is very portable and works well with infrared technology. It comes with a superior burner that has a high heat that brings out the juices in your food with a satisfying taste that is different from food made from ordinary grills. Foods like chicken, fish, and hamburgers taste superb.

It has a one-pound bottle that can be used for 20 pounds tanks. It is made of high-quality stainless steel with 155 square inches of grilling areas. You can light up the grill with a push-button electronic igniter. This is a grill well-loved by professional chefs because of its high heat. Anywhere Infrared Grill has a firebox that is strong. The firebox is all-welded to last. The grill has 14,000 BTUs. The grill comes protected in the firebox and has spring-loaded latches which serve as a protective cover for the grill for easy transportation. This grill provides even distribution of heat across the grill surface. Its infrared burner is amazing. The beautiful part of this grill is its portability. It is made very compact too.


1. Great infrared ceramic and stainless steel burners with push-button ignition
2. Has 140 square inches of grilling area
3. High heat with 14,000 BTUs
4. Portable and compact
5. The powerful infrared high heating temperature
6. The grill gives food a great flavor
7. Easy burner cleaning
8. Easy to set up
9. Easy to transport
10. Strong stainless steel construction

Why go for Solaire Anywhere Infrared Grill?

1. Infrared burner – If you want to cook 30% faster, this is the ideal grill for you. Infrared technology makes use of direct heat that is directly emitted from the plates above the burners to deliver your food on time. The grill comes with 14,000 BTU which is quite higher than some full-sized grills.
2. Ease of electronic ignition – Starting a grill can be very daunting and dangerous especially if you are using a match or a lighter. There is nothing like that Anywhere Grill. The grill comes with an easy ignition which is electronic. Just turn the knob and the grill gradually fires up. It is that easy.

3. Grill grids come in V-shape – This is why this grill is unique. It comes with a V-shaped grill grid which helps to boost the flavor of your food. It also helps to reduce flare-ups as a result of the dripping from the food being heated up. When the juices from the food drip, it evaporates and melts back into the food. The normal grids cause flare-ups when food juices drip. This is where the V-shaped grill grids are far better than the rounded grill grids. The V-shaped grille grids control dripping better than the round grill grids.

4. It starts faster – Anywhere Grill starts faster compared to other grills. This enables you to cook more in shifts. When the shifts are faster, grilling becomes interesting; instead of endless waits that gets you tired and confused. It is also very fuel-efficient too. The grill cooks food with less fuel. This saves you lots of money.
5. Competitive price – Despite the great features that this grill has, its price is still very competitive on the market compared to other grills in its category.


Anywhere Solaire Infrared Grill is an impressive grill that is very convenient, efficient, and effective. The fact that this is an infrared grill makes it ideal for faster results. This is the grill that will boost your food business and makes the presentation of the food produced to look nice and inviting.

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