Yard Machines Push Mower 140Cc 20-Inch

Yard Machines 140cc Push Mower is the ideal garden care tool for small and medium-sized yards. It comes with a 140cc OHV engine and a 20-inch cutting deck that delivers a superior, pleasing job. This machine can maneuver through difficult areas easily. Yard Machine is lightweight with an easy-to-hold loop handle and strong 7-inch wheels.

Yard Machines

Yard Machine 140cc Push Mower is one of the cheapest gas-powered mowers in the market. This garden care tool won’t make you sweat because it is easy to start the mower. This is a machine that has the capacity to access difficult-to-reach areas on your lawn. If you are looking for a mower that doesn’t break down easily, this is the mower for you.

This Machine 140cc Push Mower is durable, reliable, and very dependable too. Its 20-inch cutting deck is made of steel, which means it won’t get blunt easily.


  1. Fitted with a powerful, durable 140cc engine that gets the job done with ease
  2. The mower comes with a 20-inch discharge cutting that is on the side of the mower
  3. It has 3-cutting height positions that allow you to cut the grass to your desired level
  4. Powerful 7×7 inches front and back wheels make the wheels maneuver with ease.


Yard 140cc Push Mower delivers top-notch performance. It is very easy to push around like you are pushing your baby’s trolley. With a 140cc engine, the mower gets started in just in one pull of the cord. It is not like other mowers that you have to pull the cord several times before it gets started.

The 3-cutting height position makes it easy for you to select the height that you want in order to have the right cutting. Its 7-inch wheels make maneuvering so easy. The grip of the hand is very superb. The mover has no packing bag but it has a side discharge that throws out the cut grass so that you can rake out the cut grass.

Why choose Yard Machines?

  1. It is powerful – Its 140cc engine is very powerful and is enough to get the job done.
  2. Wide cutting deck – With a cutting deck of 20 inches, there is nothing to fear. The 20-inch cutting deck is guaranteed to do a satisfactory job
  3. Easy height adjustments – This 3-height adjustment feature is a big plus. It is easy to adjust the wheels of the mower manually. This helps to make the job a lot easier.
  4. Easy to start – You won’t have to labor to get the mower started. Just pull the cord once and the mower starts instantly.
  5. Easy maneuvering – Working around your yard won’t be a headache with this mower. Maneuvering is pretty easy with four 7-inch wheels that are strong enough to move the mower around conveniently.
  6. Wonderfully light – This mower is super-light. It is not like the other heavy mowers that cannot be used by those who have back pains. Even if you have any physical challenges, you will still be able to move this machine around working on your lawn. It weighs about 48 pounds.


Yard 140cc Push Mower is a fantastic mower that many lawnmowers will find very useful. When it comes to maintenance, this mower won’t put a hole in your pocket. It is a very durable mover. This machine starts on the first pull. It is not one of those energy-sapping mowers. The mower is able to make your lawn look very beautiful in all seasons. Go for Yard Machine 140cc Push Mower and put your mind to rest.


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