Zinc Impact Sprinkler on Tripod Base

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Zinc Impact Sprinkler 56667N from Orbit has a tripod that makes it very easy to transport and position. It is made of durable zinc metal. This is a dependable sprinkler that guarantees longevity. This sprinkler comes with an anti-backsplash arm and deflector, ensuring easy, quiet, and smooth rotation while it distributes water where it is needed most. Watering your lawn can be very tasking and time-consuming too. As such, it makes sense to use a sprinkler to save you time and energy instead of doing the regular manual watering that could take a toll on you.

Impact Sprinkler is made for gardeners who know their onion in the gardening business. This sprinkler is well recommended for lawns that have brown spots that are caused by uneven watering. This sprinkler can cover 80 feet in diameter and more. The tripod is easy to adjust from 16 inches to 37.5 inches. This helps to ensure more comprehensive coverage.

zinc Sprinkler

Features and Benefits

  1. This sprinkler is suited for medium and large-sized lawns
  2. It can be adjusted to cover more than 80 feet in diameter
  3. The tripod height can be adjusted from 16 inches up to 37.5 inches in order to reach far-flung areas
  4. It comes with ½ inch male threaded impact head that rotates smoothly
  5. It is made of very durable zinc construction for impressive performance
  6. It comes with an anti-backsplash arm that makes for easy rotation
  7. It has a deflector shield which helps to keep water out of the areas that you do not want

Why choose Zinc Sprinkler?

  1. Build Quality – The build quality of this sprinkler is superb. You will need a sprinkler that can withstand any harsh weather conditions. This tripod sprinkler is built to last. The tripod sprinkler is made of aluminum, including the tripod legs. There is also ABS plastic that you can use to fasten the legs of the sprinkler. This helps to give the base an extra grip. One would have preferred this sprinkler to be made of steel, but Orbit must have thought of affordability. That may be the reason they opted for aluminum. Aluminum, in itself, is not a bad metal.
  2. Sprinkler head and spray diameter – This sprinkler head is impressive. Its performance is superb. It has ½ inch male threaded zinc impact head that helps to ensure that water is well distributed. Adjusting the impact head is so easy. It won’t take you more than 20 seconds to select the desired arc for the sprinkler. The sprinkler watering can be done in a full circle motion or partial form. The choice is yours.

Tripod legs

One of the important reasons for having a 3-legged sprinkler is not just about the compelling way it waters the lawn; it is also about the ease of adjusting the height of the legs.– This sprinkler has three legs that help to stabilize the sprinkler. This helps the gardener to work effectively. With height adjustment, the sprinkler will still be able to water trees and foliage very easily. Height adjustments help any gardener to spray farther distances.

  1. Accessories – Many accessories will work well with this sprinkler. Orbit is known for producing products that are compatible with other tools and accessories. For instance, you can get a programmable hose faucet timer that will work perfectly with this sprinkler.

Zinc Sprinkler is a gardener’s friend. Effective and efficient watering is easily achieved with this sprinkler. It makes the job of gardening so simple. This is the best solution that guarantees lush green lawns.

Jon MorrTech Blogger at - Gadgets Review

Tech Blogger

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