Zoom Oscillating Sprinkler 3900-Square Foot Aqua

Zoom Oscillating Sprinkler is well suited for lawns and gardens. This sprinkler is super easy to set up. It comes with nozzle control for effective watering. It is a sprinkler that works perfectly no matter the water pressure – low or high. This is a unique sprinkler because it is placed lying down flat on the ground. It has a row of holes that rotates with ease and distributes water upwards in multiple directions. This makes the sprinkler to cover a wide range of areas and do a thorough watering.

It can cover an area of up to 3,900 square feet. It has a filter that helps to ensure that debris does not block the holes through which the sprinkler distributes water across the lawn or garden. It is made of very durable plastic materials. This sprinkler is made to last. Its durability is not in question. Its range of coverage can be adjusted easily. If you have a large lawn or yard, this is the sprinkler for you.


  1. This sprinkler comes with a nozzle control that gives you watering control. With a nozzle control, you can control the range of your lawn watering. You can increase the watering range or decrease it. The choice is yours
  2. It has an easily adjustable setting for the distribution of even water
  3. It comes with a filter for the filtering of any obstruction that wants to block the sprinkler
  4. This is a sprinkler that is so easy to set up
  5. The sprinkler is made of solid durable plastic materials
  6. It can cover up to 3,900 square feet

Gardena zoommaxx oscillating sprinkler

  1. Precise watering – This sprinkler waters your lawn and garden with precision. This includes the even watering of beds, hedges, and trees. It is capable of reaching a wide range of areas of your lawn with thorough and even water that can make your lawn look lush green all seasons
  2. Ease of set up – This is a sprinkler that is very easy to set up. You can set up the sprinkler in less than two minutes. Yes, it is that easy. There are no complications at all
  3. Extensive area coverage – When it comes to area coverage, this sprinkler is the ideal. It covers up to 3,900 square feet effectively. Trust this sprinkler when it comes to even distribution of water on your lawn. With this sprinkler, your lawn won’t ever experience brown spots

Gardena zoommaxx oscillating sprinkler

Gardena aquazoom oscillating sprinkler

  1. This sprinkler is unique in the sense that you do not need to dig a hole to set it up. It can lie down flat on the ground conveniently. Lying flat on the ground make it able to water far-flung areas on your lawn
  2. Filtering – It comes with a filter. The essence of the filter is to ensure there is no blockage. This is a great feature.
  3. Water range adjustment – You can easily adjust the watering range to what you like. That gives you the power to water some areas of the lawn or the entire lawn
  4. Competitive price – The price of this sprinkler is very competitive in the market compared to other sprinklers. With so many useful features, this sprinkler is still very affordable.

Zoom oscillating sprinkler for lawn owners who want their lawns to look exceptional. Aside from that, it will save you water, money, and time. Its extensive coverage will do a satisfactory job on your lawn. Don’t take my words for it; you just have to see how it will deliver top-notch performance on your lawn.

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